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About Us

Founded in 2003 by Donna Wadsworth – food philosopher and farm-to-table advocate – Savoury City is the culmination of a life-long obsession with food and a co-production with her partner in business and life, Blaine. We are based in colourful East Vancouver, and if you stop by with tupperware, we may have something we’re experimenting with to share. Pickled vegetables anyone?

Our Team


Donna Wadsworth

The Boss

Donna Wadsworth’s Bio

Donna’s experience in the food service industry is vast. After successfully running her first wholesale dessert business with her brother Bryan in the late 80’s, she went on to chef at a number or restaurants in and around Toronto including: Southern Accent, Iguana, and the Caledon Inn to name a few. Her two passions – cooking and travel – came together when given the chance to work as a consulting chef at the Windemere Hotel in Darjeeling for several months on two occasions.

An opportunity to become the Executive Chef at “Major the Gourmet” brought Donna to Vancouver in 1999 where she and Nikki Major kicked out some of the best catering in the city for 2 years, followed by a stint at “Out to Lunch Catering” to develop her event planning skills.

Things came full circle in March 2003 when Donna once again became her own boss by starting “Savoury City Foods Ltd.” As a master organizer, It was her chance to put everything she learned about food and service over the years into practice to create perfectly orchestrated events.

Donna lives by the motto “fail to prepare then prepare to fail” and you can see it in her meticulous attention to detail when planning events. While not clairvoyant, she is definitely a “seer” with  the unique ability to visualize an event from beginning to end.

Donna enjoys a great reputation in the industry as a facilitator and role model and has benefited greatly both personally and professionally from her involvement in the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and the Women’s President Organization of Vancouver.


Blaine Arnot

The Other Boss

Blaine Arnot’s Bio

More comfortable behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight, Blaine has put his creative energies to use in helping to build the business that is Savoury City Catering.

A natural curiosity informs his thought processes largely stemming from many years working as a fine artist and sculptor. While the medium may have changed from clay to bread dough, the thinking with the hands has not.

Blaine handles all the bread for the business, as well as fermenting everything from pickles to sausage, and makes a mean mozzarella.

He is also our in-house designer and photographer creating the website you’re currently viewing!


Mathew Koyanagi

Executive Chef

Mathew Koyanagi’s Bio

Unanimous winner of the 2016 Vancouver International Wine Festival’s prestigious Vintner’s Brunch, Chef Mathew Koyanagi is well known for his adventurous palate, bold flavours and attention to detail.

After graduating from the renowned Dubrulle International Culinary School, Mathew further honed his fine dining skills in his home city of Vancouver. However, it was during a stint at one of Canada’s exclusive fishing resorts where his creativity and the challenge of cooking in unique settings lead him to catering and he realized his true calling – boutique, custom catering.

Having cooked in such exotic locations as the Great Wall of China and the Emperor’s Summer Palace, Mathew’s clientele has included former U.S. Presidents, royalty, dignitaries and a variety of international celebrities. Mathew fully embraces the sustainable agriculture movement and is committed to creating distinctive culinary experiences by showcasing the best and freshest ingredients our region has to offer.

With a philosophy of “I can cook anything, anywhere”, he sees no limits to catering and is dedicated to providing clients with a one of a kind dining experience whether in the comfort of their own homes or on top of a mountain.


Christine Chan

Event Planner

While living in Singapore & traveling throughout Asia, Christine developed a passion for food, cooking and especially eating.  Upon her return to Vancouver, by sheer luck, Christine landed an Assistant Catering Manager Position then after a year was promoted to Catering Manager at a Caterer in Kitsalano, specializing in corporate and event catering.

After a few years there, she moved on to  be one of the Event Planners at Savoury City + Events.  She enjoys working in fast paced environments and has a passion for well executed events.  She loves being in a food related atmosphere because it inspires her passion for her own food, cooking (and eating) 😉


Ashley Mathews

Event Planner

The newest member to join our event planning crew is Ashley Matthews, who began with Savoury City shortly after graduating with her Event Management Diploma in September of 2015. Ashley has a calm and confident nature that belies her age.

For many years Ashley trained as a dancer, with the hope of turning professional until the day she observed an event organizer at a dance recital holding a clipboard. The individual was clearly organized, in control and commanding respect, that’s when the light bulb went off and she decided “that’s what I want to do! I want to hold the clipboard” Fast forward a few years and wouldn’t you know it, Ashley holds the clipboard.



Sous Chef


Garde Manger


Chef de Partie


Chef de Partie


Pastry Chef
Jefferyn McPherson


Pastry Chef


Chef de Partie


Sr. Sandwich Prep


Prep Cook


Operations Manager


Delivery Driver


Delivery Driver

Our Mandate is Local

We’ve developed solid relationships with quite a few local food producers as a part of our core mandate including.

Les Amis du Fromage

Supplies us with cheese for our West Coast and Imported Cheese platters

Oyama Sausage Co.

The Granville Island institution provides us with our charcuterie

Maple Hill Farms

Grain fed and hormone free hens give us the best eggs

Gelderman Farms

We used to cure our own ham and bacon, but we couldn’t make it better than Jerry.

Farmhouse Cheese

George and Debra are our suppliers for aged cheddar and butter when we can get it!