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Food is our passion. Vancouver is our CITYTM

We’re custom caterers in Vancouver, creating food tailor-made to your tastes and desires with passion, drive and a caring nature that could only be ascribed to good parenting…

Catering Expertise

Sandwich for corporate catering

Corporate Catering

We bring a great deal of care to crafting the perfect sandwich. From house-baked breads to slow roasted proteins and vegan options, we have something to please every palate. Breakfast catering, boxed lunches for the bus trip to Whistler or a hot boardroom dinner for that important presentation are a specialty.

outdoor wedding table setting

Wedding Catering

From traditional wedding catering of 4 course plated dinners to causal picnics at the beach, we’ve catered weddings of every style and stripe with great success. We would love the opportunity to interpret your vision for your day with alternative wedding ideas that will delight you, and have your guests raving.


Friends toasting with a glass of wine

Social Event Catering

Whenever friends and family gather to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, house warming or retirement party is an opportunity to have great catering.  We can tailor a menu for groups as small as two or as large as two thousand with rentals and service staff to compliment if you so desire.

Donna Wadsworth, Vancouver Catering Specialist


Greetings, my name is Donna, and I’m the “Head Honcho” of Savoury City. I’ve dedicated my career to the catering industry working as a chef, event planner and catering business owner for over 30 years – And yes, I’m still loving it!

Savoury City Catering began life in 2003, and our goal has always been to work tirelessly to provide a level of food and service that is uncompromising.


Food Philosophy

We’re all about local, having solid relationships with some of the best food producers outside of Vancouver BC. and, as an Ocean Wise partner, we’re also committed to using sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood.


What are you planning?

You’ll find us willing to assist in anyway we can in bringing your event to life. We have experienced Event Planners standing-by ready to answer questions and take your order at or simply complete this form and we’ll respond – Pronto!

The Vegetarian Renaissance


Kahlil Gibran, The Grateful Dead, and Other Stereotypes

In response to what he thought about vegetarianism, the iconic playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once claimed, “the thought of two thousand people crunching celery at the same time horrified me.” The image is, indeed, disconcerting! However, the reality is that perceptions and misconceptions about what it means to be a vegetarian have changed radically over the last decade. The Veggie Dark Ages are over! Vegetarians are no longer relegated to the fringe– those bohemian, post-hippy, Tim Leary acolytes who keep a copy of “The Prophet” in the back pocket of their bell-bottoms and listen religiously to the Grateful Dead, or wax poetic about Ani DiFranco lyrics.


They Move Amongst Us!

Nowadays, you really can’t reduce vegetarians to a tired stereotype. There is no need to admit (in hushed tones), that your uncle may be a vegetarian. Indeed, today those who choose not to eat dead animals are out of the pantry and proud of it! They are a diverse group who walk amongst us, undetected. There could be one sitting right next to you right now!

In all seriousness, these days people are increasingly mindful of what they eat for health and ethical reasons, and the planet is better for it! They want food that is in keeping with their lifestyle, philosophy, and ethics. We’re down with that.

Our Food is in the Best Boardrooms