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Wedding Catering

We love weddings because they’re stolen moments out of time from the everyday. This one day focuses all energy and attention toward the celebration of love. That love is infectious as it has the power to bathe an entire audience in it’s glow. It moves us too, nothing else matters for this brief moment and these moments are deliciously addictive. The 2 minute video below by “True Calling Canada” captures perfectly our approach to wedding catering – approachable and detail obsessed, with some of the best food and service you’ll find in Vancouver. Have a look…

Our Approach as Wedding Caterers

A big part of why we love wedding catering is for the variety and opportunites to be creative. Each wedding has a unique set of challenges, and it’s always a thrill to set a plan in motion to meet those challenges and “get it right.”

We’ve been involved in weddings that have included “A Surprise Indian Buffet Wedding” for 400 guests to dropping off bagged lunches for a wedding party at Lacarno Beach.

It’s not just catering, we design from a blank slate and consider all of the elements – and it all starts by listening to you. We want to get a sense of your vision and your priorities in order to create the best possible experience for you and your guests that also works within your budget.

How We Work

  1. Outline: We’ll give you a quick sense of what we charge from the general details you provide.
  2. Meeting: We like meet with you to establish details and priorities.
  3. Quote: A detailed quote is presented.
  4. Site Inspection: We’ll schedule a site inspection if feasible and deemed important.
  5.  Tasting: A tasting of your menu for 2 people. Additional guests are charged a minimum of 50.00 per guest, depending on the complexity of the menu.
  6. Ongoing: We’re always available to answer question and offer advice from the moment you book us until the big day.

Who Chooses Us?

1. Foodies: our clients are foodies  – food is a major component of their wedding, and they want to lavish their guests with the best.

2. Local: we source locally and ethically.

3. Appeal: to not only the bride and groom, but to their parents as well. We can discuss the local Vancouver restaurant scene up to the minute, but we also know the “Galloping Gourmet” was Graham Kerr.

4. Knowledge: We are uber connected and a great resource for other vendors. We are happy to share this knowledge.


Good food paired with attentive service is of the utmost importance to us, and our service staff have a level of training and experience that guarantees your guests will be well taken care of.
We want your day to be perfect, and one that friends and family will always remember. Our staff will treat your guests with respect, a smile and attentive service – intuitive, aware, but never cloying.

You’ll find our staffing policies and charges here.