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Breakfast Catering Vancouver

Our breakfast catering menus are designed to energize your crew with options that are freshly made and big on taste. Our offerings include simple Continental Breakfast Menus of freshly baked muffins and scones with fresh fruit and coffee to full on Traditional Hot Breakfasts of scrambled eggs and cheese with bacon and sausage served in chafing dishes.


Healthy Breakfast Options

If you’re looking for something in the “low cholesterol” category, we also offer individual yogurt parfaits with fruit compote and house made granola that are extremely popular. We also have “wheat free” “dairy free” granola bars that are healthy, delicious and easy to eat on the run.


Quality Ingredients

What separates us from the breakfast catering pack is the quality of the ingredients we use which include Maple Hill Farms free range eggs, Gelderman Farms bacon, and the Farm House Natural Cheese’s cheddar.


Ordering Breakfast

We’re happy to take your order over the phone at 604 875-8484 or you can submit a quote request here. We’re always available to answer your questions regarding our menus, dietary concerns you’re trying to accommodate, and typically we require a days notice for order the following business day.

Breakfast Kits & A La Carte

Breakfast Kits

Breakfast 1
Assorted breakfast pastries, fresh fruit platter & juices

Breakfast A La Carte

Healthy fruit and grain muffins, sweet and savoury scones, butter croissants with preserves and butter

Toasted Bagels
Served with cream cheese, preserves & butter

Tea Breads & Coffee Cakes

Gluten Free Tea Breads & Coffee Cakes

Mini Muffins And Scones
With sweet butter and jam

Breakfast A La Carte

Granola Bars
With dried fruits, oats, grains, flaxseed, sesame & pumpkin seeds and maple syrup

Power Bar
Vegan / gluten free

Breakfast Cookie
Vegan / nut-free

Fruit Kabob
With fruit-yogurt dip

Fresh Fruit Salad

Yogurt Granola & Honey

Individual Yogurt Parfait
Yogurt, granola & wild berry compote
7.50 large / 4.00 mini

Mini Yogurt Parfait

Chia Seed Pudding (dairy free)
With coconut & almond milk, granola & wild berry compote
9.00 large / 5.00 mini

Hard Boiled Egg
2.00 per whole

Deviled Egg
2.00 per half

Breakfast Sandwiches / Quiches / Frittatas

Breakfast Sandwiches

(Minimum of 6 per order)

 Breakfast Muffin (hot)
Scrambled free range eggs, aged white cheddar in a buttered English muffin
With bacon

Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap (hot)
Scrambled free-range eggs, roasted fresh vegetables, herbs and farmhouse cheddar stacked in a sesame bagel…individually wrapped and hot

Canadian Breakfast Wrap (hot)
Scrambled free range eggs, oven roasted potatoes, Gelderman smoked ham and farmhouse cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla…individually wrapped & hot

Mexican Breakfast Wrap (hot)
Scrambled free range eggs, oven roasted potatoes, spicy chorizo, salsa and smoked Gouda wrapped in a flour tortilla…individually wrapped & hot

Sub: Turkey Chorizo Sausage .50
 Sub: “Real Meat” Vegan Italian Sausage 2.00

Mini Scone Sandwiches

(room temp)

Roasted garlic cream cheese, asparagus and red pepper

Ham & Swiss
Gelderman smoked ham, Swiss cheese and honey mustard

Smoked SalmonVancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Logo
Oceanwise smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill

Quiches / Frittatas

Individual Quiches (hot)

(Minimum order of 6 per flavor)

Roasted peppers, potatoes, leeks, sundried tomatoes, herbs and cheese

Wild Mushroom
Wild mushrooms, spinach & feta

Smoked Bacon
Smoked bacon, leeks & chevre

Frittatas (hot)

(Serves 6-8)

Herb Lover
An abundance of the season’s freshest herbs, and assorted cheeses

Smoked ham, smoked Gouda, smoked chipotle peppers and smoked tomatoes

Oven-roasted tomatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, yellow peppers and aged cheddar

Mini Frittatas & Quiches (room temp)
A bite size version of the above selections *minimum order 1 dozen per flavour

Classic Breakfast

The ‘All-In’ Breakfast
Scrambled free-range eggs, maple-smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, country potatoes
+ 2.00 “Real Meat” Vegan Breakfast Sausage

Scrambled Free-Range Eggs (2 eggs pp)
w/ white cheddar & herbs

Maple Smoked Bacon (3 PP)

Breakfast Pork Sausage (1 PP)
Made in-house

Turkey Sausage (1PP)

“Real Meat” Vegan Bratwurst or Mild Italian Sausage (1PP)

Country Potato Wedges
w/ onions & herbs

Breakfast Platters

 Breakfast Platters

Small – serves 10 to 15 guests, Medium – serves 15 to 20 guests ,Large – serves 25 to 40 guests

Fresh Fruit & Berry
A beautiful display of seasonal fruits and berries, which may include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, kiwi, papaya and mango
S 42.00 M 73.00 L 115.00

Domestic Cheese & Grapes
An array of domestic cheeses, grapes and assorted crackers
S 57.00 M 100.00 L 140.00

Imported Cheese & Fruit
Imported cheeses garnished with seasonal fruits, berries and grapes and accompanied by a basket of assorted crackers
S 67.00 M 125.00 L 175.00


Breakfast Platters

The “Ceo” (serves 10)
Sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon wedges, capers, red onions, sliced English cucumber and vine ripened tomatoes… accompanied by dark rye toast points


Pop / Juice / Water
Fruit Juices, Coconut Water, Tomato Juice, Sparkling Water, Pop, Aranciata & Limonata, Pompelmo, Boylan Sodas, Spritzers, Savoury City Filtered Bottled Water

Savoury City Fresh “Cold Press” Juice

Our juice is “Cold Pressed” in-house for guaranteed flavour and freshness. Nourish the body and feed the mind!

Orange (Minimum order of 6)
3.95 235 ml / 5.00 340 ml / 15.00 1 Litre

Apple (Minimum order of 6)
3.95 235 ml / 5.00 340 ml / 15.00 1 Litre

Grapefruit (Minimum order of 6)
3.95 235 ml / 5.00 340 ml / 15.00 1 Litre

Specialty Cold-Pressed Juice

T (Minimum order of 6)
Pineapple, Carrot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Turmeric
5.95 235 ml / 7.95 340 ml

G (Minimum order of 6)
Apple, Beet, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger
5.95 235 ml / 7.95 340 ml

S (Minimum order of 6)
Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Fennel, Lime, Spinach
5.95 235 ml / 7.95 340 ml

Caffe Umbria Coffee (*Coffee and Tea are served with cream, milk, sugar & honey)
12-15 Cup Push Pot

Premium Tea (Two Leaves and A Bud)
12-15 Cup Push Pot