Culinary Alchemy The Transformative Power of Custom Catering Done Right

One of the reasons why Savoury City Head Honcho, Donna Wordsworth and her partner in life and business, Blaine Arnot, decided to start their custom catering venture way back in 2003 was because they loved food. However, it went deeper than that. They understood that good food, prepared with care, passion, and love can have a transformative effect– a culinary alchemy of sorts. They understood that at the epicentre of every great event was the food.


Food is Life

Quite simply, they understood a universal truism: food is life. It’s because of this profound understanding that Donna and Blaine love to play a role in their clients’ lives. It’s a chance, in their own small way to add flavour and sweetness to their lives–literally!


Marching in the Parade of Life

As Donna and Blaine contend, “we exist to assist in celebrating life’s passing parade of significant events with exceptional food and service.” And, we all know, the parade of life is replete with myriad celebratory floats.


Talent. Skill. Passion.

Whether it’s a 40th birthday party, a 50th-anniversary celebration, a baby shower, retirement dinner or a sweet sixteen, Donna and Blaine have the combined talent, skill, and passion to create a menu that will leave an indelible memory for you and your loved ones.


Culinary Poetry

As the poet Maya Angelou so wisely explained, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Her statement is apropos as Savoury City creates culinary poetry that truly makes people feel wonderful. Yes, they may forget exactly what they ate, or the particular ingredients that went into a specific dish, but they will never forget how they felt!


Have Chafing Dishes; Will Travel

One of the major advantages of working with Savoury City is that they will go anywhere you are! Whether you want a BBQ in your own backyard or a public park, they’ll be there. Blaine and Donna’s combined experience means that they can pretty much set up wherever your imagination takes you! To borrow from Tom Joad: wherever there’s someone wanting their 40th birthday party in an airport hanger, we’ll be there; wherever there’s a bride who wants her wedding in the Vancouver Public Library, we’ll be there; wherever there’s a guy who wants a Super-bowl party in his man-cave, we’ll be there! You get the idea!


No Dudley Moore!

Have you ever been to a hair stylist, and you explain to them the exact length, style, colour and cut you want (even showing them a picture from a magazine), and after they turn the chair around for the “moment of truth,” it looks nothing like what you explained?! Like you asked for the Demi Moore look, and they gave you the Dudley Moore! Well, the catering equivalent of that will NOT happen when you meet with Savoury City’s Donna and Blaine!


Creative Collaboration 

One of the aspects of working with Donna and Blaine that makes a major difference is the fact that they love to collaborate with their clients. They don’t just “hear” what you have to say, but they truly listen to your ideas and dreams.


Contact Us

If you’re thinking of hosting an event, Donna and Blaine would love to hear about it! Feel free to give them a call or send an email.


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