The Singles Valentine’s Day Dinner Party! Redefining the Holiday

As Valentine’s Day is nearing, some people are looking forward to celebrating the day with their special someone, while others, (namely those of us whose Facebook status remains “single”), often attempt to downplay the day. When asked the question (usually by that annoying perennially perky coworker, “what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?” I’ve been known to respond with an overly cynical polemic, expounding upon the nefarious commercialization of the holiday, and how I don’t celebrate Hallmark holidays that pressure people to buy their bae’s expensive gifts…


A New Trend!

But, of course, there is always that nagging sense of being left out of a holiday that seems to be the exclusive territory of the consciously coupled, the paramours, the lovers. However, there is an emerging trend among the single cabal who are tired of feeling left out of the party.


Strength in Numbers

Instead of sitting at home catching up on your Netflix shows whilst bitterly scrolling through all the saccharine lovey-dovey IG posts, stuffing your face with Ben and Jerry’s, convincing yourself that this is way better than going on some lame Valentine’s Day date, singles are finding strength in numbers!


Redinfing Valentine’s Day

Indeed, singles are organizing and redefining Valentine’s Day in a way that is more inclusive–Valentine’s Day dinner parties for singles or couples who would rather celebrate with friends! This is a great way to be with friends and even perhaps meet someone special, but without the awkward pressure of being on an exclusive date.


Food and Love Go Together

And, because Savoury City loves Love, we have the perfect singles Valentine’s Day dinner party plan! As famed American chef, Todd English says, “there is a connection between food and love. I always say, when there’s love in my heart or I’m feeling particularly good, the food comes out that much better. And so, I think Valentine’s Day is a special day.” We agree with Todd! What better way to celebrate a day of love then surrounded by your loved ones and food that is always prepared with love!


Let Us Custom Cater Your Singles Dinner!

Savoury City can custom cater the perfect Valentines-inspired dinner party that fits your vision and budget. If you want something informal and fun, a buffet option may be just the right thing! Desire something fancy and formal, we can create a dream sit down affair just for you! Whether you want family style, a cocktail party feel or something more bespoke, we’d love to be a part of creating it!


Celebrate Love in All its Forms!

Savoury City believes that good food, like all great things in life, is meant to be shared with the special people in your life. This Valentine’s Day bring your friends together (even those couples you love) and celebrate love in all its forms! Love of life, love of friends, love of family, and above all, the love of beautiful food!


Contact Us

If you’re interested in hosting your very own Singles Valentine’s Day Dinner Party, please give us a call or email. We’d love to talk to you!

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