Savoury City Super Bowl Party Putting the “super” into your Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or don’t know where the fifty-yard line is, the Super Bowl is a great excuse for friends and family to get together in the name of this grand sporting tradition. Just like team sports bring people together on the field, they’re also an opportunity for fans to gather together in the living room or home movie theatre and bond over a common love for the game.


This is Not Your Father’s Super Bowl Party

When most people think “Super Bowl party,” images of hot dogs, chips, store-bought sub sandwiches mixed with cheap beer and pop come to mind, usually followed with the haunting memories of heartburn and indigestion–not the most appetizing image! However, these days people have started to reimagine the concept of the “sports-event-house-party,” infusing it with high-quality, fresh, organic, and locally-sourced culinary creations!


Don’t Fumble the Food

This is where Savoury City comes in! We believe that no matter the event or reason for getting together, there is never any excuse for substandard food! On the contrary, it’s the perfect time to treat your friends to fabulous and fresh fare!


The Super Bowl Groaning Boards

One of the most popular house party options is our incredible Groaning Boards! The “groan” in “groaning board” refers to the creaking noises that would emanate from the wood table under the stress of the weight of the food. The term dates back to the 17th century, which also explains the use of the word “board” instead of “table,” as these feasts were often literally placed upon wooden boards held up by trestles. They’re a great option for a Super Bowl party as your guests can mingle during the game and keep going over to the board for snacks during the game! Think of a customized Super Bowl-themed Groaning Table made just for you and your friends! We call that a culinary touchdown!


Buffet Style for the Win!

If you’re thinking about serving hot food, a great option is Buffet style! Striploin and salmon, turkey and lingcod, veal and halibut, or prime rib and chicken, we’ve got the perfect meal for the big game!


Everyone’s a Winner!

We know that one of the challenges of having a party is having to accommodate everyone’s dietary differences. As custom catering professionals, we are experts at making sure that every guest is happy and satisfied. Our vegetarian and vegan options are not only healthy but bursting with flavour! Using locally-sourced and organic, seasonal ingredients is our specialty, and we love making sure that no one feels left out of the party!


So, whether you put the “fan” in fanatic or you just enjoy watching the half-time shows, when you custom cater your party, everyone will feel like they’ve won–no matter which team actually ends up winning!


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