Carrie and Augustine: A Wedding Story

A Good Melon

“We didn’t meet until we were ready,” Carrie answers when asked how she and Augustine met. Like so many great couples, when it comes to marriage, you just know when the right one comes your way. To steal a line from the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally, you know when you’ve found the right one “the way you know about a good melon.”


Picture Perfect

Fast forward 6 years after meeting at a mutual friend’s party, Carrie and Augustine were ready to tie the knot! Augustine bought the ring and had it with him for a long time before actually proposing. On a trip to Portland with friends, Augustine finally found the right moment to propose! Once their friends had gone their separate ways, he asked a nice girl to take a picture of them, which Carrie says, “was weird because he doesn’t like to take photos.” His intentions soon became clear–he wanted the girl to film the proposal! After some initial trepidation on the part of the girl taking the photo (that’s a lot of pressure!), she acquiesced to photographing the momentous marital moment.


The Venue

The bride-and-groom-to-be ended up choosing Wellbrook Winery in Delta, a beautiful rural location which Carrie’s family happens to own and rent out to the winery. Having it at the winery was extra special for them, and Donna’s expertise catering rural locations was appreciated indeed!


In Donna We Trust

When I asked Augustine what advice he had for couples just starting the wedding process, he didn’t hesitate: get a great caterer! He added, “Donna was excellent. We didn’t have to worry about anything–we had complete faith in her. Carrie added, “she actually came to the venue about 2 or 3 times to check that we had everything we would need, like sufficient power/electricity, and other things we wouldn’t have thought of. For example, we didn’t know that a coffee machine could potentially blow a fuse! She made sure everything would go smoothly.”


Get Good Help

Carrie contends that hiring a good wedding planner was essential for their rural/farm wedding. Her advice is “hire good wedding planners, so you’re not stressed out. We went for the full wedding package, as we needed a lot of help and it was the best thing to do and worth the increase in budget.”


The Food

Carrie and Augustine loved the fact that everything went so smoothly when they arrived at the venue, as the wedding planner and Donna were there holding it down. “Donna made these amazing crab cakes during the cocktail hour that people are still talking about!” exclaims Carrie. They decided to go with Family Style dining as it was a perfect fit for the farm and Carrie and Augustine wanted an intimate feel because people knew each other at each table. A decision that Carrie says, “worked out perfectly.” Donna even made sure that the newlyweds had a chance to eat, setting aside food for them while they were mingling with guests. Carrie explains, “Donna even packed us leftovers to take home after the wedding!


Best Day Ever

When asked if they had anything to add, Carrie simply said, “it was the best day ever.” That’s the outcome Donna expects for every wedding she caters!

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