Use Your Noodle: Noodle Bowls for Inclusive Corporate Meals

MissO’Brien, my Kindergarten teacher, used to tell me to ‘use my noodle’ when I was trying to work out the alphabet. At the time, I didn’t understand this metaphor. I didn’t have a ‘noodle’ to use and wondered if I should ask my mom to let me bring one to school with me. Just how this noodle would help my academic life was never clear to me. Of course, I now know that she meant that I should use my brain! It seems apropos, then, that our Noodle Bowls have become a corporate favourite! These fabulous and flavourful bowls will ensure that your employees and coworkers will have the energy to use their noodles throughout any meeting or seminar!

Healthy, Flavourful and Fabulous

These days people want to eat healthy food that will leave them feeling at once energized and satiated. Store bought, pre-packaged food just doesn’t cut it anymore. Serving heavy, carb an sugar-laden, processed food will only leave your employees feeling lethargic–not exactly the optimal working vibe you’re striving for. This is why our custom made Noodle Bowls are the perfect solution for your corporate lunch needs! We’ve got a bowl for even your most picky employee! We see you, Sharon!

Inclusive Meals

Abraham Lincoln was credited with the famous line, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time…” but he never experienced our amazing noodle bowls! We know that one of the biggest challenges in the office is trying to order in food that everyone will enjoy. A seemingly daunting and often thankless task. This is why you’ll love our selection of noodle bowls. Our Executive Chef, Mathew, and our Head Honcho, Donna, have put a lot of thought into creating bowls that will appeal to a wide range of diets and culinary lifestyles. When it comes to corporate catering, our philosophy is “inclusive.” We want everyone at your office to feel that they have a proverbial seat at the table. For Savoury City, food has always been about bringing people together, whether it’s a wedding or a board meeting.

Yes, We’ve Got Vegan!

The rise of vegetarianism and Veganism means that we’ve been busy creating options that are not only healthy but full of flavour! Choosing this dietary lifestyle should not mean that you’re a lunch caterer’s afterthought. It’s not okay to just throw in a veggie platter and call that a meal. Our vegan noodle bowls, such as the Miso Mustard Soba Bowl, contains crispy fried tofu, radish, snap peas, and pea shoots. Organic, seasonal and locally sourced and nutritionally balanced!

Seafood Selections

For those pescatarians in the office, we’ve got a fabulous Vietnamese inspired Nuoc Cham Vermicelli Bowl. This sumptuous noodle bowl features, grilled prawns, crispy shallots, roasted peanuts, basil, and mint. So good!

Meat for the Meeting

For the red meat eaters at work, the Ginger Tahini Ramen Bowl is a perfect fit! This bowl is made with grilled flank steak, scallion, daikon radish, and toasted cashews. Amazingly good!

Click for More Options

We’ve created many more noodle bowl selections for you to choose from! Simply click here to see our entire Noodle Bowl menu! Ordering our corporate bowls for your staff is definitely using your noodle!

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