Savoury City’s Timeless Culinary Creations

Quality Never Goes Out of Style

These days it seems that words such as “organic,” “locally-sourced,” and “handmade” areused ubiquitously by any number of businesses, ranging from Michelin star establishments to fast food restaurants. The result is that these terms are reduced to meaningless buzzwords–their efficacy and power greatly decreased.However, for Savoury City, these words have always held great significance, andare always taken very seriously. Long before these terms became mainstream,Savoury City was all about using the freshest, healthiest and locally-sourced produce and ingredients–it was never about being trendy, but simply a way of life, a culinary philosophy held dear by Donna and Blaine since they dreamed up Savoury City. Indeed, from the moment Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth and partner/husband, Blaine Arnolt, started their catering business, the focus was always on handcrafted quality. They wanted to create a culinary experience for their clients that combined quality, aesthetics and, most importantly, flavour!Mission accomplished!

The Wonder of Fresh Bread! (Not Wonder Bread) 

Lovingly referred to as “the other owner,” Blaine Arnolt is very much the man behind the scenes. Luckily for us, one of his many passions is bread making, which he has been mastering and perfecting over the years. It’s safe to say, upon sampling his doughy creations, Blaine has elevated bread making to an artform–the Botticelli of Bread! Up bright and early each day, Blaine bakes all the bread in-house! So when you order corporate lunches, all the bread used for making sandwiches are freshly baked that day! Using healthy and organic ingredients, not only are you ordering the most flavourful, fluffy and fabulous bread, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re eating healthy too! This ain’t wonder bread!

A Leavening Experience

While our freshly baked bread elevates any corporate lunch experience, it also adds a touch of culinary goodness to any event or wedding. Culinary greatness is in the small, yet meaningful details, and fresh bread baked in-house using only the highest quality ingredients is just one example of how Savoury City has always adhered to a culinary philosophy that espouses quality above all else! We simply don’t believe in store-bought.

Your Main Squeeze

What better way to start your morning than with a glass for freshly squeezed juice!Now when you order from our corporate menus, you can request Blaine’s cold pressed juice! Made fresh in-house, you’ll be ordering guaranteed flavour and freshness! Forget preservatives, added sugars and, God-forbid, additives and food colouring, and opt instead for pure, fresh, organic and juicy goodness!Your employees and coworkers will love you for it! As Blaine says, these juices will “nourish the body and feed the mind!”

Timeless Transcendance

For Savoury City, handmade, organic and healthy catering has always been at the centre of everything they do. Their custom catering reflects a timeless sensibility. It’s the culinary equivalent to a Christian Dior dress,transcending the trends while always looking relevant. Savoury City strives to create timeless culinary creations. Let’s face it, quality and flavour never go out of style–cronuts will.

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