Ring in The New Year with Savoury City!

Whether you’re all about tripping the light fantastic until the wee hours of the morning or staying home and watching the iconic ball drop in Times Square, one of the best ways to ring in the New Year is with close friends and family and, of course, fabulous food! Before you engage in any of the following New Year’s Eve activities, having a custom catered NYE party can be the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and kick off the new one in style!


Drawbacks of Dining Out

While restaurants can be a good way to celebrate NYE, many people find there are some drawbacks. For instance, most offer only a set menu, limiting your culinary choices. Furthermore, often celebrating the new year at a restaurant can feel impersonal. Factor in the inconvenience of parking, taxi cabs, and a host of other factors, and having a custom catered party is an attractive alternative!


Benefits of Custom Catering

Conversely, having your NYE affair custom catered allows you to create your own bespoke menu, and enjoy a more personal and intimate vibe surrounded by your friends and family. Add to that the fact that you don’t have to worry about the cooking, and the dreaded dishes afterward! Having your NYE party catered allows you to enjoy your own party and mingle and catch up with your guests!


The “Custom” Factor

When you book with Savoury City, we take the term “custom” very literally. One of the reasons our clients come back to us time and time again is that they know that we listen very carefully to their requests, and we work closely with them in order to ensure that we bring to fruition the culinary vision that they had in mind. Whether it’s a cocktail party, buffet, sit-down affair, family-style dinner, Savoury City can make it happen!


Bountiful Buffet

A Buffet style dinner party is a great choice for a NYE party as it allows for mingling, creating a social atmosphere. It also allows your guests to choose what they want to eat and leave what they don’t want–great for guests with diverse diets!


Fabulous Family Style

Family Style dining is becoming increasingly popular these days. It creates a less formal, more social environment at the table, and guests can pick and choose what they want to eat–not to mention control their own portions!


Perfectly Plated

If you’re looking for an elegant evening, plated is a wonderful way to go! Your guests will surely be impressed and satiated!


Only the Best Quality

No matter which dining choice you make, you can rest assured that all our culinary creations are handmade, of the freshest ingredients, locally sourced and organic. We pride ourselves in only cooking and serving the highest quality food, that is both fabulously flavourful and artistically and aesthetically pleasing! We know that you eat with your mouth and your eyes!


Contact Us

If you’re interested in throwing a New Year’s Eve party to remember, feel free to call us to discuss your vision! We’d love to hear from you!


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