Wonderful Winter Weddings

Famed Russian writer, Anton Chekhov, once wrote, “people don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” And being from Russia, we’re pretty sure he knew a thing or two about cold winters! But Chekhov makes a good point, especially when talking about winter weddings. Indeed, romance has the uncanny ability to melt snow and ice and warm us like a hot cup of cocoa, even on the most frigid of days.  While summer weddings are more common in this part of the world, many couples are opting for less traditional, but equally fabulous, winter weddings!


Winter Savings

A great aspect of having a winter wedding is that it’s not peak season! This means significant savings when it comes to booking your venue, as well as your videographer, photographer, and DJ! You can use all your saved money to add extra touches to your big day (or use it for the honeymoon)!


Floral Premiums

While you’ll be able to save on a lot of wedding-related accouterment, one thing that will most likely be pricier during the winter months is flowers. Because there are fewer flowers in season you may have to pay a premium. However, with all the money you can save on other wedding-related things, you can most likely up your budget for the florals!


Guests Unbundled

It’s important to remember that your guests will be arriving at your wedding venue with heavy winter coats, gloves, scarves, boots, skis (ok, maybe not skis), and they’ll need a place to unload these items. It’s best to have a big cloak room where your guests can shed the winter clothes and galoshes. Better yet, have a cloakroom attendant (coat check) on site to ensure that your guests are helped with the process and to ensure their coats and winter outerwear can be easily retrieved when they are ready to brave the winter cold on their way home.


Coming Out of the Cold

On a frosty winter day, why not warm your guests with a hot beverage once they’ve arrived. Winter is a great excuse to do away with the typical Champagne reception and opt for something more fun and seasonal. We’d suggest serving mulled wine and cider and other warm alcoholic cocktails. Your guests will appreciate the gesture and the festive nature of it! There’s nothing better than a hot drink on a cold winter’s day!


Cozy Cocoa Bar

In the evening, we’d suggest creating a cozily romantic vibe by setting up a beautiful hot chocolate bar where guests can make their very own custom hot cocoa. Marshmallows, Baileys, Kahlua, caramel…you get the idea!


Keep it Seasonal

It’s always best to consult your wedding caterer about keeping your menu seasonal. Our Executive Chef, Mathew, and Head Honcho, Donna, are experts at using local and organic seasonal produce and ingredients, ensuring that your winter menu will be fresh, exciting and, most importantly, flavourful! A winter wedding menu means opportunity for warm, hearty, rich and comforting food!


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