Savoury City: A Culinary Love Affair

Love is a concept that eludes, or perhaps resists, a clear-cut definition. The evidence seems to lie in the ubiquitous usage of the word for all sorts of circumstances and contexts. We say, I love donuts, or I love my MotherorI love my fiancé, all in the same breath, and yet they have such vastly different meanings. And, while there are multiple meanings attached to the concept of love, there are myriad ways of expressing it! This leads us to the reason why we decided over 15 years ago to start our custom catering venture. It truly stems from that oft indefinable, elusive, yet powerful and empowering noun. It’s all love.


A Synonym for Love

Perhaps one of the most common ways that people in every corner of the world show love is through food. It’s a way to show people you care about them–that they are important, worthy of respect and, essentially, that they matter. Maybe so many people the world over use cooking as a synonym for love because cooking takes time, energy, patience and forethought. But we think it’s something deeper than that–something more alchemical. Why did something as simple as my grandmother’s grilled cheese sandwiches taste so much better than anyone else’s? The ingredients were the same. The accoutrements were similar. The difference was simply that my grandmother would prepare it with love, and for some inexplicable reason, that made it actually taste better! 


Love is in the Details

It’s with this same sense of love that we prepare every dish, hor d’oeuvre, and canapé! And, as most people know, when you do something with love, you want it done as perfectly (and deliciously) as possible. Love, as they say, is in the details and we employ that philosophy in our kitchen every day. We love it when our clients notice the extra little touches we put into each culinary creation. It’s love that drives us to source local organic ingredients and produce. It’s love that moves us to only use the best quality ingredients. It’s love that impels us to continually create new, innovative and exciting menus.


Culinary Poetry

The great poet, Maya Angelou (who was also an accomplished cook), once wrote that “eating is so intimate…when you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.” This is how we feel when we cook for our clients. Our love for food and our love of making people happy through this medium is what inspires us every day. When we prepare a custom menu for our clients, we truly do feel as if we are inviting them into our lives, and many of our past clients have, indeed, become lifelong friends!


Food is Love

Perhaps Chef Ranveer Brar said it best: “Cooking is an expression that crosses boundaries.” Love does too, which is why we think the two seem to go hand in hand. Love is food and food is love!

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