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Smartphones, Selfies and Social Media: Wedding Etiquette for Modern Times

While weddings are, by nature, traditional affairs and much of the guest etiquette has not changed very much over the years, the advent of smartphone technology and social media; however, have complicated wedding dos and don’ts to some degree. So, while you may know the common social wedding rules, there are some grey areas that we think you’ll find helpful in this brave new wedding world!


Putting the “smart” in Smartphone

An aspect to modern day weddings that certainly didn’t exist a few decades ago are smartphones and social media. These days, everyone (including Grandma and some well-trained dogs) has a camera built into their phone with an immediate and direct line to the general public through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can present unique etiquette issues, so before you get too snap happy, you’ll want to find out the bride and groom’s camera policy.


Hashtag Permission!

Some couples will encourage the use of social media posts by including their own hashtag on their wedding invitations or by providing one at the wedding. This can be a fun way of allowing the guests to interact with each other over social media and help curate the wedding pictures. However, even in these cases, there is still some etiquette to head. Avoid posting too many pictures, clogging up your follower’s IG feeds. While you may be super excited about posting every second of the wedding, it’s best to curate them after the event, choose the best ones and then post a few. Your followers and the wedding party will thank you! This will also prevent you from posting unflattering pictures of the bride and/or groom, which will spare you from newlywed scorn.


Check Before You Click!

Before you get your iPhone out and start playing with filters, read on! Not all brides and grooms feel the same way about guest taking pics!

First off, not all brides and grooms want their wedding posted to social media, as they’ve typically spent a lot of money on a professional wedding photographer to capture their special day in a very specific aesthetic.  As a result, they may not appreciate guests posting potentially unflattering candid pictures of their big day!


Your Moment Of Zen

If you’re not sure if the bride and groom are cool with you taking a bunch of wedding selfies, the best course of action is to put the phone away and just enjoy the day and take it all in! We often miss so much and are “out of the moment” when we’re fixated on our phones, trying frantically to post to social media. The bride and groom have put a lot of time and money into creating the perfect day, so maybe just enjoy being present in the moment and take it all in! It is generally in bad form to be fixated on your phone while the ceremony is taking place–often giving off the impression that you are disinterested in and disengaged from what is happening around you.

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