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The Politics of Custom Catering


Bill Clinton, James Carville and Custom Catering

Back in the 90’s when a, then relatively unknown Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton, was running for President of the United States, his lead campaign strategist, James Carville, helped secure his victory in part by coining the now famous phrase, “it’s the economy, stupid.” The statement worked because it struck at the heart of what people cared about most–the rest being relatively superfluous. What does this, or politics in general, have to do with custom catering, you may ask? Well, in essence, it’s about cutting through the noise and remembering what is imperative–what matters most to the people. Often in any business, the focus gets lost in the minutia, and that’s when things go downhill.


It’s the Food, Stupid

At Savoury City, we’ve never veered from our original concept: “it’s the food, stupid.” What we mean by this is that the quality of the food is paramount. Locally-sourced, organic, farm-to-table, fresh and seasonal are not simply buzzwords to us, but an everyday reality and meaningful food philosophy. While we love being creative, updating our menus and trying new things, we never lose focus of what matters most–the food. If you don’t get that right, nothing else really matters no matter how cool or trendy it looks. Aesthetics without substance doesn’t really add up to much at the end of the day.


A New Menu

We’ve been working hard over last month updating our menus to reflect our food mantra: refining, testing, adding and editing. Our Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, and Executive Chef, Mathew Koyangi, have been collaborating on our most exciting and fabulous menu yet!


Donna and Mathew: The Dream Team

Together, Donna and Mathew bring a lot to the table (pun intended)! Donna has been at the forefront of the custom catering movement for decades, constantly pushing the boundaries of culinary possibilities. Mathew is a culinary United Nations, having cooked all over the globe, and brings unparalleled culinary knowledge and experience–the proverbial custom catering dream team! Donna explains, that even after 14 years as Head Honcho at Savoury City, her passion and love for entertaining and custom catering have not diminished at all! She continues to grow and evolve culinarily and creatively, and her enthusiasm is contagious! As she says, “it’s about laughter and great stories–and great food always seems to be at the epicenter of that.”


A Culinary United Nations

Mathew adds that he loves working with Donna, as he gets the opportunity to bring his vast experience, sense of adventure, cultural knowledge, and background to the table. They have a truly collaborative relationship, working on menus, events, and new ideas together. Two masters hard at work, creating lasting culinary memories for their clients.


Unveiling the New Menu

Savoury City is excited to unveil its new menu soon! As always, the focus will be on creating the very best quality food and the most flavourful dishes with the freshest ingredients and produce. With Savoury City, it’s always about “food first.”

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