Best Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

Best Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

One of the best things about custom catering weddings is we get to experience a diversity of venues, themes, ideas, and trends! Every wedding we cater is unique and wonderful in its own way and reflects the personalities, interests, and characters the wedding couple. Indeed, no matter how many weddings we cater, it never gets old! This summer was no exception, and now that we’re slowly catching our breath from yet another busy and successful wedding season, we can’t wait to tell you all about what we feel were some of the best wedding trends of the year!


Colour Of Love

We love the return of colour to wedding decor! After all, it is summer and a lovely splash of colour was a welcome change! We saw some wonderful use of sophisticated colour when it came to centrepieces and table linens! It use of colour created a festive and celebratory mood!

Colour Hint:

Avoid using too many colours at the risk of your wedding venue looking too carnivalesque (unless that’s the theme you’re going for) and instead, opt for two hues that you can alternate throughout your decor. It’s a gorgeously sophisticated look!


Libation Liberation

We’ve been seeing way more creativity when it comes to the bar this summer! Instead of the same old predictable beverages, brides and grooms are opting instead for originality— fresh and fabulous summer-inspired drinks that are cool, current and often have a lower alcohol content, which can be a really smart idea. Getting plastered at weddings is so 1980’s! Today it’s all about fun, family, and festivity.



Wine Smoothies are the perfect concoction for those hot summer weddings! These refreshing beverages are a blend of wine or rose, blended with ice and fruit! Top them with berries and fruit slices and you’ve got a spectacular summer treat that your guests will be sure to enjoy!


Dress Diversity

In keeping with a trend toward more festive and creative fashion, we’ve noticed a move towards less conformity when it comes to bridesmaid’s dresses. Instead of every bridesmaid wearing the exact same dress an colour, we’ve seen ‘mix and match” dresses that come in different, but complementary colours and varying styles that work with each bridesmaid. After all, we’re not all created the same!


Flower Power

We’ve been seeing an explosion of flowers lately, which we love! The trend here is towards flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Hung from the ceiling, and in vases found on as many surfaces as possible. Perhaps the most popular trend, however, is flower walls. These are so much fun and—let’s face it—are the perfect backdrop for selfies! If your guests can’t post their pics to Instagram or Facebook, what is the point!


Vintage Value

We love the eclectic vintage look which is becoming ever so popular with the hipster crowd! It’s a fabulous and whimsical style but requires some careful decor attention. It works really well when the theme is well fleshed out as a theme. This decor way can lend elegance to sit down dinner, and is perfect for an afternoon tea style affair!


Looking to 2019

We’ve had an incredible wedding season, and loved being a part of our wedding couples’ big day! We can’t wait to see what gorgeous trends we’ll get to witness in 2019!

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