The Quiet Joy of Afternoon Tea

There’s something uniquely magical about afternoon tea. Maybe it’s because its origins are rooted in British antiquity, which is at once singularly quirky, and fabulous. Lewis Carroll’s enduring Mad Hatter floats to mind–a very civilized ceremony occurring in the midst of chaos, absurdity, whimsey, and madness. But that’s, perhaps, the joy of afternoon tea. It provides much-needed order, civility and beauty in a world that often seems mad, absurd and wholly uncivilized. It’s a moment (very much like Alice’s Wonderland) out of time–a place where one can leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind.


Tea Time is “Me” Time

Literary great, Henry James, one said of the very British tradition, “there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” The word “ceremony” seems key to the enduring popularity of afternoon tea, as it connotes not only tradition, but a time to honour and invite peaceful contemplation. And, in this modern world where one is constantly being barraged with social media and an increasingly disturbing 24-hour news cycle, perhaps one needs afternoon tea more than ever. It’s a perfect way to bring one’s friends together for intimate milestones, from celebrating the arrival of a newborn to paying homage to the departing of a loved one.

Whatever the occasion, an afternoon tea is a welcome, often needed, and always meaningful way to bring friends and family together. And did we mention it is highly instagrammable?


Very British Problems–Solved!

If you’ve always wanted to host an afternoon tea but weren’t sure how to go about it, have no fear and keep a stiff upper lip! We can take care of all your afternoon tea questions and queries and help make you look like you’ve been a keen anglophile for years–an expert in all things with the crusts cut off!


Afternoon Tea Options

We’ve got as many afternoon tea options as the Queen has Corgis!

Simply click here to peruse our wide variety of afternoon tea menus.


  • Option #1 offers a smashing selection of finger sandwiches, fresh vegetable platter, fresh fruit and berry, and assorted cookies, tarts and squares.
  • Option #2 builds on option #1 with mini tartlets, smoked salmon and chive biscuits, and an imported cheese platter!
  • Option #3 includes a petit sandwich selection and mini croissants, bagels, and sourdough buns, as well as sweet cream mini scones and a delightful array of pastries!
  • Option #4 includes vegetarian salad rolls, jumbo prawns, smoked salmon and savoury shortbread, honey pecan chicken crostini, mini tartlets, a Tuscan antipasto platter, fresh fruit and berries, and assorted cookies, tarts and squares.



Being custom caterers, we have plenty of “add-ons” to perfectly reflect your tastes and style. We’ll help you create an afternoon tea experience that will transport your guests to Britain while maintaining a very “at home” feel.


Contact Us

We’d love to talk to you about your afternoon tea vision and help you make it a reality! We look forward to hearing from you!

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