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Let’s face it, not everyone is a morning person. I, for one, am a night owl. The prospect of a morning meeting sends shivers down my spine! While others jump out of bed, ready to face the morning with gusto, I usually meet the day with a slow roll off of my mattress, and an awkward shuffle to the coffee maker. Yes, I know the early bird gets the worm, but worms are gross!


Converting the Morning Misers

For those of you out there who can empathize with the plight of the “morning challenged” we highly recommend that you ensure that your morning meetings are properly catered with beautiful breakfast options that will make even the most “morning adverse” colleagues perk up and–dare we say–even look forward to getting up early to participate in the dawn de-briefings!


Don’t Settle for Substandard

Don’t settle for substandard breakfast fare like store-bought muffins (which are usually very high in sugar) and, God forbid, carb and sugar-laden doughnuts bad coffee. The goal is to energize your crew, not put them in an early grave!


Listen to Mom

The truth is that food is a great motivator, and the better the quality and variety the happier and more productive your staff will be! And, don’t they deserve the best anyway? But don’t take it from us! Didn’t our moms always tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?”


Fresh, Healthy, and Flavourful

Our breakfast catering menu options are made fresh in-house, and are always healthy, hearty and flavourful! We’ve got a wide variety of breakfast options that will satisfy your staff’s varied dietary realities. We’ve got elegantly simple continental breakfast menus of freshly baked muffins and scones and fresh seasonal fruit and coffee to fabulous and hearty Traditional Hot Breakfasts of free-range scrambled eggs and cheese with bacon and sausage served in chafing dishes (great for those coworkers who are on the Paleo Diet)!


Healthy Breaky!

 We know that today, people are much more health conscious than in the past when it comes to breaky! Unlike back in the “Leave it to Beaver” days, when the daily breakfast consisted of a stack of pancakes, loaded with bacon and sausages, today people are opting, instead, for something a little more healthy and energizing!


Your Staff Deserves the Best

Keep your staff happy, healthy and full of energy by offering them our healthy breakfast menu options that are low in cholesterol, dairy and wheat free. We offer individual yogurt parfait with fruit compote and house-made granola–very popular with the morning meeting crew!


Raising the Bar

Our wonderfully delicious “wheat and dairy free” granola bars are also a favourite! Who says you have to sacrifice taste for healthy eating! 


Only the Best

When you order from Savoury City, you can rest assured that your colleagues will be enjoying only the highest quality ingredients. For example, we use Maple Hill Farms free-range eggs, Gelderman Farms bacon, and Farmhouse Natural Cheese’s Cheddar. Only the best for our customers!

With corporate breakfast catering like this, even your most “morning resistant” colleague will jump out of bed! And, Mom would approve!


Ordering Breakfast

We’re happy to take your order over the phone at 604 875-8484 or you can submit a quote request here. We’re always available to answer your questions regarding our menus, dietary concerns you’re trying to accommodate, and typically we require a days notice for order the following business day.


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