The Bounty of Backyard Barbecue!

Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.

–Anthony Bourdain 


Origins of Barbecue

The actual origins of barbecue are shrouded in mystery, and a multiplicity of theories and myths abound as to which country or region was the true forebearer to what we now consider modern barbecue. My personal take on this is simple: Not long after the invention of fire came the happy discovery of barbecue. I’m sure our ancient ancestors delighted in the realization that burnt animals tasted so much better than raw ones–humanity would have to wait a few years more for the invention of barbecue sauce, however.


Living High Off the Whole Hog

While people disagree over the definition of barbecue, most agree that the phrase comes from the French “de la barbe a la queue” (from beard to tail), which makes sense and does seem to lend credence to the theory that barbecue was traditionally defined as a form of whole hog cooking.


The Charcoal Revolution

While early forms of barbecue may have emerged from prehistoric man, it’s evolved quite a bit over the last few thousand years! Barbecue has been reimagined and refined, reaching new levels of sophistication. If you want proof, Pippa Middleton has stated of barbecue that “there is no real need for decorations when throwing a barbecue party – let the summer garden, in all its vibrant and luscious splendor, speak for itself.” From stone age huts to the backyards of the British aristocracy, barbecue’s popularity has indeed conquered the world one brick of charcoal at a time!


Smoky Goodness

While it seems that early barbecue centered around the cooking of a whole pig, there is now a myriad of different meats that are popular fare for the barbie (much to the relief of the pig). However, while few can resist the lure, aroma and smoky goodness of meat slowly being barbecued, having a barbecue is simply a wonderful way of bringing people together.


Summer Barbecue!

For Vancouverites, whose summers are typically short-lived, having a fabulous catered barbecue party is one of the best ways to entertain, while taking full advantage of the summer weather. We don’t get to use our backyards or outdoor spaces too often during the year, so as soon as the sun emerges, we like to be ready to get our BBQ on!  


Simple Elegance of Barbecue

There’s a simple elegance to barbecue. By nature, it eschews fussiness or preciousness, and, instead, relies on fresh, farm-to-table produce and ingredients which speak for themselves. It’s hard to resist a great barbecue, as it engenders a casual and leisurely vibe. It’s a lovely way to bring friends and family together–we’ve even done them for weddings!


Our Barbecue Menu!

Take a gander at our fabulous BBQ menu! We’ve got a menu to fit your needs and barbecue dreams! Contact us to discuss our menu options. We’d love to chat!


Parks and Beaches

If you’re planning a picnic in one of Vancouver’s parks designated picnic sites we can coordinate not only the delivery of the freshest food but also arrange for any other rentals you require – including ice tubs, tablecloths as well as china plates and silverware if you so desire. Here’s more information about booking your picnic space from the City of Vancouver website.



A platter of lambchops with jeweled rice.
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