The Art of Al Fresco

One of the most indelible memories I have is dining al fresco at a farm in Gordes, France. It was one of those perfect summer evenings, the golden light casting a magical hue over the rural landscape. The rustic, antiquated, wooden long table was set with simple elegance: wildflowers, cloth serviettes, and jugs of Rose. We were served roast pig, fresh from the farm, and the most delicious warm homemade bread.

Uncomplicated and Unpretentious

The menu was uncomplicated and unpretentious, and yet, it was the culinary highlight of our trip. When you use only the highest quality produce and the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, the food just seems to speak for itself!

Culinary Alchemy

There is something special about dining outdoors: the warmth of the sun, the soft summer breeze, the melodic birds chirping. Its elemental, magical, and romantic–a form of culinary alchemy that transforms a good dining experience into a great one! 

Summer in the City!

This experience becomes all the more precious when you live in an area of the world where outdoor dining is only possible a few months out of the year! Indeed, Vancouverites wait patiently all year for summer to arrive. We put up with copious amounts of precipitation and dreary drizzly days, dreaming of those fabulous sun-alive days! And when the first rays of sun break through the all-too-familiar cloud and warm our soggy-selves, it seems as if the whole city suddenly emerges from their dwellings, clad in summer wear (still a little pasty), ready to go hiking, biking, and swimming–often all in the same day!

The warm weather seems to transform the city—it comes alive almost as if reborn. People smile more, are nicer in traffic, and are even more polite than usual!

One of the best ways to celebrate the glory of summer is with a memorable and charming backyard dinner! Its a great way to bring friends and family together while getting to utilize your outdoor space!

Charming Backyard Dinner

Think long table, Edison lights, soft jazz music, and a beautiful, fresh and organic menu custom made just for you and your guests. Whether youd like buffet style, a cornucopian groaning table, or a plated affair, our menus will impress even your most discerning of foodie friends!  

Use Your Outdoor Space

One of the aspects of custom catering that we love best is that we get to help participate in the creating lifelong memories for you and your loved ones. Creating a gorgeous, ethereal outdoor dining experience is a chance for us to engage in culinary whimsy and play and allows our clients to use their outdoor space in new and refreshing ways, often transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary with the use of strategic lighting and rustically beautiful outdoor decor.

A Season to Celebrate

With a little imagination, you can turn your backyard into a breathtaking backdrop for a wedding reception, birthday celebration, or summer solstice party! Heck, perhaps the best reason to host a charming backyard dinner is simply to celebrate good friends and great summer weather!

Contact Us

Wed love to talk to you about your ideas for your next backyard event! Weve got a wide range of custom menus for you to check out!





  • Marion Meyer
    Posted at 16:52h, 21 June Reply

    Hi! I would like an estimate for a cocktail party 5-8 for my Partner Dan’s 45th birthday. July 7th
    We may have 30 guests with a budget of around $20 pp or less. per person
    How much for the food and server(s)) and possibly a bartender to serve drinks (we buy booze)
    Open to ideas or suggestions.
    We will be providing a BBQ dinner after 8 .

    • Donna Wadsworth
      Posted at 17:07h, 25 June Reply

      Hi Marion,
      Thank you so much for your comment on our blog post, and we would love to help! Is there an email address where we could send you some information, or a phone number so I could call you in person?
      Looking forward to hearing you, and if you could email me at donna@savourycity,com, I would be happy to help.
      Thank you!

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