Timeless Wedding Trends and Other Oxymorons In Conversation with Donna Wadsworth

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Savoury City’s Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, to chat about wedding trends. Having custom-catered weddings for decades, there are few people more qualified to talk with authority on the subject! Over the years, Donna has seen it all–the good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly! 

Chris: What are some of the more dominant trends you’re seeing these days? 


A Return to Old-World Elegance 

Donna: One of the big trends I’m seeing is a return to old-world elegance; a return to those traditions. We’re seeing ladies in gloves and little handkerchiefs, three-quarter dresses. It’s high world elegance like afternoon teas, champagne, lovely little desserts and beautifully plated dinners with elaborate little bites. People are evoking 1950’s Paris or Berlin, art deco, Gatsby-esque vibes. 

Chris: What do you like about this return to elegance, as you put it? 

Donna: I love the timeless quality. It’s romance. It’s classic, and the classics will always be in. 

Chris: Like an Armani suit! So, what are some other trends you’re seeing? 


Rustic Charm 

Donna: On the other side, we’re seeing a continuing trend for rustic beauty. A return to nature, outdoor long tables, barns with chandeliers–casual elegance. It’s a great alternative for those who want beauty and romance but with a more relaxed elegance. So many Vancouverites love the outdoor lifestyle, so it’s great chance for guests to enjoy a day in the country! 


Wedding Whimsey 

Chris: One of the words that keeps coming up in our conversation is “whimsey.” Can you expand on that a bit? 

Donna: Yes! We’re seeing a lot more of that! For example, couples who want to honour their traditions, but don’t want a traditional wedding are doing fun things like matzo ball soup shots. That was a nod to one a groom’s Jewish heritage, and it worked so well. Many couples these days are bringing cultures, traditions and religions together, and they are finding really cool ways to do that without being heavy-handed. It’s about fun. 


Less Ceremony. More Celebration 

Another example of whimsical elements was a couple we recently worked with who had a 70’s disco theme. The guests dressed up in their best 70’s outfits and the music was disco themed. It was so much fun and relaxed, yet still elegant and gorgeous. 

Chris: It seems that there is a trend towards more fun and less formality? 


Surprise Elements 

Donna: Absolutely. People are moving away from ceremony and towards celebration. We recently did a wedding where the bride requested “upscale drunk food.” It was a surprise wedding in their 28 car garage, which they transformed into a garden landscape. The guests didn’t know what they were walking into! The surprise element was really fun. The catering was all family-style. We did chicken and waffles, and created a “make your own taco” station, which featured halibut and steak and all the condiments–the best part was that they came with mini coronas and mini margarita shots! For dessert, we had ice cream sundaes and the late night snack was a cereal bar! So much fun!  


Matrimonial Maven 

If you’re planning a wedding and need some direction, I’d highly recommend contacting Donna and her team! Their experience and passion will ensure that you’ll be in the best hands! 

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