Savoury City – The Greatest Thing Since Sliced (Homemade) Bread!

Swedish artist, Christian Marclay, once said, art is all in the details.We couldn’t agree more! We believe that attention to detail separates the good from the great–it separates shoes from Manolo Blahniks, designers from Karl Lagerfeld, cars from Bentleys, singers from Aretha Franklin and dancers from Fred Astaire. Its the near-obsessive adherence to the little, seemingly insignificant, aspects of what Savoury City does that makes all the difference to our custom catering and to our clients. 


Breaking Bad…Bread

One of the small, yet significant, details that makes a big difference is our commitment to in-house, freshly-baked bread! Whats the point of creating fresh, innovative, locally-sourced dishes if you serve substandard store-bought bread! To us, thats just not acceptable!


Wonderful (Not Wonder) Bread 

While many people have become increasingly carb-conscious,bread is still a staple at the table, tying a meal together–especially if that bread is made with organic ingredients and baked fresh daily! Were not talking about Wonder Bread here!


Raising the Bread Bar

Savoury City co-owner, Blaine Arnot, personally bakes the bread himself, and has been adding to his dough-based repertoire! For Blaine, baking bread is an art form, and like everything he does, hes continually raising (pun intended) the bread bar! As Julia Child, the late Grande Dame of the kitchen, explained, The art of bread making can become a consuming hobby, and no matter how often and how many kinds of bread one has made, there always seems to be something new to learn.We know Blaine can relate!


Fabulous Focaccia

Some of Blaines specialties include his famous Focaccia, which is always a massive hit with corporate clients! Its amazing how freshly baked bread can transform a mere sandwich into a culinary experience! Light, fluffy, soft goodness! This focaccia is so good, itll ruin you for all other substitutions! Clients also love the fact that Savoury City has gluten-free bread options as well!


Hearty Pullman Loaf

Another incredible Blaine-bread-creationis the Savoury City Multigrain Pullman Loaf. This is a dense, full-flavoured bread made with healthy ingredients such as porridge, chopped rye, and sunflower seeds. Who said you need to sacrifice health for flavour! This bread is the definition of hearty!


Timeless and Classic

There are many uncertainties in this world, but one of the unchanged constants in life is the fact that there really is nothing better than freshly baked bread–its as true now as it was thousands of years ago, a fitting statement, as its in keeping with Savoury Citys philosophy that great food is timeless and classic. Sometimes you dont need to reinvent the wheel!


Only the Best for Savoury City Customers

That aroma, that warmth, and that unmistakable flavour– freshly-baked bread is pure dough-based joy! Its just one way that Donna and Blaine express their love of food, and their deep commitment to providing their customers with only the very best because, at the end of the day, its the food that speaks for itself! 


Close up of a row of sandwiches
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