New Office Culture = New Custom Corporate Catering

A New Office Culture

Sometime in the late 90’s, with the rise of Silicon Valley, corporate culture began to change. Gone were the grey, dull, regimented office spaces, devoid of character, imagination–the kind made famous in movies such as 9 to 5 (still love the theme song!) or lampooned in the cult film, Office Space (my stapler!). Indeed, things began to change as a new generation rejected the outdated office structures, and reinvented what it meant to go to work. The words “work” and “fun,” which were previously mutually exclusive, were now becoming synonymous. At the end of the day, it was all about quality of life.


A Culinary Shift

Savoury Cityhas witnessed this shift over the years and understood that this new philosophy extends to food as well. The days of bland, unimaginative, store-bought meals for office meetings and events just doesn’t cut it these days. People want something fresh, healthy, flavourful and, yes, fun! They want their food to reflect their lifestyles and square with their quality of life in general.


A Meaningful Meal

These days people are much more conscious about what they eat and don’t want to have to sacrifice quality and flavour just because they arevegetarian, vegan or gluten-free–and they don’t have to! No more sugary doughnuts and stale coffee! This is a new day!  We have wonderful gluten-free menus that are big on flavour and will leave you feeling satiated! The same goes for our vegetarian and veganmenus! Gorgeous salad wraps, buddha bowls and dairy, nut, and gluten-free yogurt parfaits are just a few of the delectable items we can create for your next office meeting or conference. With our corporate catering menus, no one ever has to feel left out, which helps create a culture of inclusiveness in the office!


Healthy, Social, Flavourful and Fun

Another great concept that we offer is the “grazing table.” This allows people to choose what they want and what fits their specific diet. It’s also a great way for people to control their own portions. A grazing tableis a great way to bring people together, as it engenders a more sociable atmosphere! Healthy, flavourful, and fun! 


Ready to Take On the Day!

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of our custom corporate catering menus is the fact that people leave their meetings feeling energized and ready to take on the day! Lesser carb and sugar heavy menus generally leave people feeling lethargic, bloated and ready for a nap which is not exactly the vibe most offices are going for after a meeting.


Office Hero

If you want to be the office hero, we highly recommend checking out our corporate menu! It’s time to do away with the old, boring and predictable office catering which is usually met with disappointed expressions and plates left with the remains of picked apart sandwiches. This isn’t your “father’s office culture!” Help usher in a new corporate culture with afresh, healthy and fun new menu!


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