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While Savoury City has become renowned for its custom catered weddings over the years, many people don’t realize that they’ve been quietly transforming the corporate custom catering world one business at a time. While catering weddings is largely different than corporate affairs, many of the core principles that Savoury City adheres to when catering special events are the same as when catering for corporate ones: quality, service, custom, communication, passion and an abiding love for what they do!


Rave Reviews

No matter what type of catering Savoury City does, they are committed to serving only the highest quality food, and the customer reviews reflect this commitment. Take a look at a recent sampling of Yelp Reviews regarding our Corporate Catering!


Coby T

As for the food delicious! We all very much enjoyed our sandwiches. They were on yummy breads (several kinds including gluten free), and there were lots of interesting choices…Something I was particularly impressed with was the veggies and dip. The veggies were actual real, tasty veggies and not those shrivelled up carrots, celery, and broccoli things that often get passed off as vegetables.”

Just a side note about those “yummy breads” that Coby T was referring to–they are all baked fresh, in-house by Blaine Arnot! Just another example of their near-obsessive commitment to providing their clients with only the very best!


Pearl T

“As I’m writing this review, I’m chomping down on the crispy sweet and sour side salad that came with our spicy Thai curry beef on coconut rice.  I pretty much never write reviews unless I feel compelled to bc it’s either really bad or really good. In this case definitively awesome. Donna (head honcho) was a pleasure to work with and got us set up with daily lunch catering for our company. Nothing but rave reviews to report on the food and service. The company’s so easy to work with and very thorough. Always on time with everything in order. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to regular or fast food delivery again. I cannot wait for tmrws lunch menu, Skeena river wild salmon =D”


Dani M

“I have dealt with Savoury City on two separate catering occasions now and I have to say, I am very pleased with their service.  They offer local food products (which I love) and sustainable solutions, which is such an added bonus.  They deliver on time, all the necessities are available…and they always have a smile on their faces!  Their customer service is amazing when additions need to be added last minute etc., they are eager to help with everything.  I fully recommend this company for catering needs, in a corporate environment, lots of great feedback from my clients/employees!”


Jocelyn B

“The second event [I booked Savoury City for] was much larger–a reception for almost 400 guests–and we ordered one of their afternoon tea menus.  I liked that they allowed us to customize the menu to fit our purposes and budget.  Most importantly, the staff really went the extra mile for us that day and made sure all the platters were set up and ready for the event.  I overheard a lot of people asking where the catering was from–luckily, their branded napkins did the answering!” 


Savoury City Fandom!

Whether you’re having a small office party, an office retreat, a weekend seminar, or a large reception, Savoury City will come through for you! But don’t take their word for it–let their legions of Savoury City fans do the talking!

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