Weddings 101: Tips and Tricks

No Substitute for Experience

As Wedding Season is fast approaching, we thought it would be apropos to provide our readers with some helpful catering tips for your special day! Being in the catering industry as long as we have, we’ve catered all types of weddings! Big, small, rustic, modern, rural, urban, expensive, economic, and everything in between!


Don’t Make ‘em Choose!

These days many people are moving away from the traditional plated dinner option and opting instead for a family-style or buffet experience. To be honest, the whole “meat or fish” thing is a bit reminiscent of an economy flight meal, and really, that’s probably not the vibe you’re going for on your big day! Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that a plated option is passé, but instead of having your guests choose between options, why not stack the entrees allowing your guests to enjoy a delectable portion of both! Alternatively, by choosing family or buffet style, you can offer a wide variety of culinary choices, accommodating most of your guest’s dietary restrictions. These options can also be more fun and engender a more social and informal experience.


Stay Within Your Budget

Let’s face it, not all of us have a Kardashian budget for our wedding! It’s very easy to go over budget when planning your wedding. One way to ensure you stay within it is to let your caterer know how much you can spend on food. Having a relatively clear idea of who much you can spend greatly helps caterers when it comes to preparing a menu, so don’t be shy about it. Being upfront about how much you can afford will ensure a smoother process for all! We’ve catered hundreds of weddings, all with different budgets, so we know how to produce a fabulous menu that fits even a moderate budget. The food will look and taste like a million bucks, even if it didn’t cost that much!


‘Round Midnight

When the high heels come off and the men lost their ties, it’s usually a good time for some late-night snacks! For those weddings where the reception spills over to the next morning, providing late night snacks is a wonderful idea! Even though your guests ate dinner, the reception can often go late into the night (or early morning) and they’ll appreciate the pick me up! This is a chance to have fun with food!  Some popular options are sliders, French fries, and meatballs. However, as this is still a wedding, you may want to sex up those casual items. For example, fries with truffle oil and Kobe meatballs. Casual yet custom.


Dietary Requests

When you send out your RSVP’s, it’s important to check on your guest’s dietary requirements. Guests will invariably have a plethora of dietary requests, from vegan, to gluten-free. Again, having catered countless weddings and events, we can accommodate for all these dietary differences, as long as we know well before the wedding. We want every guest to feel special and be happy with their meal, so the earlier we know their requirements the better we can ensure that they will have a brilliant experience.


A Menu for All Seasons

For the best culinary experience, we recommend going with a seasonal menu. This ensures that the food will taste it’s best and ingredients will be readily available. This will also make your menu more cost-effective. Our Executive Chef, Mathew, is a master at using locally-sourced, organic (hence seasonal) produce and ingredients, so you’ll be in very capable hands! Seasonal means the freshest most flavourful food!


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We’d love to discuss your upcoming wedding with you and provide you with information and guidance as you go through this journey! Please contact us at your leisure!

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