The Vegetarian Renaissance

The Vegetarian Renaissance


Kahlil Gibran, The Grateful Dead, and Other Stereotypes

In response to what he thought about vegetarianism, the iconic playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once claimed, “the thought of two thousand people crunching celery at the same time horrified me.” The image is, indeed, disconcerting! However, the reality is that perceptions and misconceptions about what it means to be a vegetarian have changed radically over the last decade. The Veggie Dark Ages are over! Vegetarians are no longer relegated to the fringe– those bohemian, post-hippy, Tim Leary acolytes who keep a copy of “The Prophet” in the back pocket of their bell-bottoms and listen religiously to the Grateful Dead, or wax poetic about Ani DiFranco lyrics.


They Move Amongst Us!

Nowadays, you really can’t reduce vegetarians to a tired stereotype. There is no need to admit (in hushed tones), that your uncle may be a vegetarian. Indeed, today those who choose not to eat dead animals are out of the pantry and proud of it! They are a diverse group who walk amongst us, undetected. There could be one sitting right next to you right now!

In all seriousness, these days people are increasingly mindful of what they eat for health and ethical reasons, and the planet is better for it! They want food that is in keeping with their lifestyle, philosophy, and ethics. We’re down with that.


Creative, Innovative and Full of Flavour

Restaurants in Vancouver, like Acorn and Heirloom, have definitely changed the game when it comes to eating vegetarian. Indeed, the fear of the mass crunching of flavourless vegetables is far in the rearview mirror of your electric car! Today vegetarian menus are creative, innovative and most importantly flavourful!


Painting the Vegetarian Sistine Chapel

The sophistication of the dishes, along with the increasing availability of ingredients and produce previously unavailable to Vancouver have culminated in a vegetarian renaissance of sorts.

As custom caterers who are always striving to be at the forefront of culinary innovation and trends, we’ve embraced this “rebirth of the vegetable” with the steady hand and expert palate of the “Michelangelo of catering,” executive chef, Mathew Koyanagi. Chef Mathew can create vegetarian culinary masterpieces that will impress diehard veggie devotees and eaters of meat alike!


Fear Not!

So, if you’re a vegetarian and somewhat trepidatious about holding a full-on vegetarian event or wedding, fear not! We’d love to meet with you to chat about your vision and help you execute your plan (without involving animals), so that you can go forth with confidence that you can, indeed, create a memorable event centred around an exquisite and sumptuous vegetarian meal that will leave all of your friends and guests satiated and satisfied.


Healthy, Locally-Sourced and Organic

We understand that these days, folks care deeply about what they eat and insist upon food that is healthy, locally-sourced and organic. We firmly believe that you don’t ever have to sacrifice quality or flavour just because you choose to adhere to a certain diet. Culinary equality for all!


In Good Hands

Rest assured that you’re in good hand with our catering team! Your guests will leave impressed and happy, and we guarantee that none of them will make the after-event trip to the McDonald’s drive-through after! And, there is no need to fear the crunching sound of the masses!

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