A Retrospective of Our 2018 Instagram Dessert Posts


A Retrospective of Our 2018 Instagram Dessert Posts

Stop and Smell the Macaroons

How often are we reminded to stop and smell the roses–to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and the little daily miracles that make life so worthwhile.

Sometimes we get so busy catering events, that we very rarely get to take a moment and appreciate all the amazing creations that our team dreams up on the daily! We believe that it’s important to stand back and appreciate the beauty and creativity that our top-notch staff put into every dish.


Instagram Retrospective

Thanks to our Instagram feed, we’re able to stop and take a take a look back at some dessert highlights of 2018!  Fun fact: many people may not know that Savoury City co-owner, Blaine Arnot, takes all of the IG photos himself! These desserts certainly look as good as they taste! We’d love you to join us in taking a look at some of our “best of 2018” Instagram dessert posts!

Pavlova’s Dog

While the pun may be cheesy, these little treats will definitely leave you salivating for more! For some reason, things that are “mini” just seem to taste better! Maybe it’s the cuteness factor? These gorgeous desserts consisted of fresh berries, pistachios, and a healthy dollop of caramel sauce. These sweet little treasures are so amazingly good. We bet that you can’t eat just one!


Magnificent Macaroons

There are few things grander than a great macaroon! Styled after the famous Parisian delights, these sumptuous circular miracles are made with only the freshest ingredients and prepared with love!


Lavender Panna Cotta 

What’s better than freshly-made Panna Cotta? Lavender Panna Cotta, that’s what! Made with lemon fluid gel, lemon shortbread crumble, and fresh thyme – this is a client favourite! Perfect for those spring and summer events! So refreshing!


Smores Reimagined

Forget everything you know about Smores! We’ve taken these traditional campfire treats out of the campsite and into the dining room! Made with the highest quality chocolate, these delectables on a stick will liven up any party or event!


Cheesecake Pops

The name says it all! Little cheesecakes on a stick! Now you can enjoy all the cheesecake goodness in a portable form! Hallelujah! How did we live before this invention! We dare you to try to resist our Chocolate Cheesecake Pops!  ⠀


Pretty In Pink

If youre going to make cupcakes, they really do look best in pink! These little wonders are perfect for baby showers, wedding showers, or just after a shower! Soft, moist, and perfectly sweet, cupcakes steal the show every time!

The Upper Hand

We sent these fresh berry “hand pies” to an old and cherished client. Nothing conveys love and appreciation like a homemade pie!

Parfait Perfection

Sometimes you feel like something sweet and healthy! We can do that too! We send out a ton of these little parfait gems every day. A healthy and delicious start to the day or a great after dinner treat!

To Please and Delight!

Okay, weve got to get back to work! Thanks for taking this brief trip down memory lane with us! We love creating memorable desserts that will please and delight our clients! Rest assured, we look forward to coming up with even more delectable desserts in the near future! Stay tuned!

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