The 40th Birthday Theme Party

All That and a Bag of Chips!

The 40th Birthday Theme Party

We at Savoury City love a good party. The more creative the better! We were thinking recently about our love of a good theme party and how it’s a great way to break free from the expected, the norm and (God-forbid), the mundane! There is, perhaps, no better reason or opportunity (not that you really need one) to host a great theme party than for a milestone birthday! An increasingly popular theme these days is the 1990’s–those salad days of Bill Clinton, neon everything, and, unfortunately, the Macarena.


Check Yourself!

If you’re not sure if the 90’s were formative years for you, check out the following checklist:


You may be a child of the 90’s if…

  • You watched Saved By The Bell every weekend
  • You wore Baggy Jeans
  • You grew out your sideburns like Jason Priestley or Luke Perry
  • You owned Guns and Roses’ “Use Your Illusion” on cassette tape
  • You owned a Hypercolor T-shirt
  • You listened to Nirvana on your Sony Walkman
  • You were badass enough to own a pager


Spam and Cookies

Ah, yes. The early 90’s were a simpler, more innocent time. A mythical era before the blight of smartphones, the internet (can you imagine!) and the Kardashians–a time when we used to actually talk to each other FACE TO FACE, rather than send emojis! A time when “spam” was a questionable lunch meat, and “cookies” were things you had with milk.


As If!

If any of this is making sense to you, then you are invariably fast approaching 40, and we highly recommend celebrating this milestone the way it should be fêted–with fun and frivolity and a nod to the early 90’s!


Paying Homage

There are few things more fun than marking your milestone birthday with a theme party. Indeed, why not pay homage to the era that shaped and formed who you are today!


Dressing the 90’s

We suggest having your guests dress up in their best 90’s attire! This may require a trip or two to Value Village to find the best in 90’s fashion (or maybe just a trip to the dark corners of your closet). Think Benetton, Z. Cavaricci, Cross Colours, and anything baggy in general!


Three-Name Minimum

If you are daring, you could kick it up a notch and suggest that your friends and family come as their favourite 90’s celeb! Perhaps Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Sean Astin Green–you simply could not be an A-list celebrity in the 90’s if you didn’t have at least one middle name!


L.A. Eateries and Manhattan Diners

To create a truly memorable 40th, why not decorate your place (or your living room) like your favourite 90’s hang out! Perhaps the Peach Pit was your jam? Maybe the Cheers bar (where everybody knew your name!) or the iconic Seinfeld Diner (what’s the deal with the Big Salad?!).


Hammer Time

What 90’s theme party would be complete without the dulcet tones of 90’s pop music! Find the perfect 90’s channel on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon Prime Music, and stream the night away to hits from such musical luminaries as Dee-Lite, Lisa Loeb (slow dances only), and, of course, our own Alanis Morissette (you, you, you, oughta know!)


Fun, Celebration, Creativity, and Community!

Our food philosophy is all about fun, celebration, creativity, and community! And, of course, we love a great party! We’d love to chat with you about your theme party ideas, so we can custom tailor the menu to your particular wishes. Seinfeld Diner inspired menu? Peach Pit fare? We can work with you to create your dream party experience!


Contact Us!

Contact us and let us help you start planning!  We’ll help you make your big day the “bomb diggity!”

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