Groaning towards 50

Groaning Towards 50

The idea of a great groaning board is to create a feeling of overflowing abundance, a cornucopian celebration with an essence of whimsy and delight.

We know that the title of this blog may be misleading. While some of us may be dreading the big 5-0, most of us embrace the milestone. I mean, let’s face it, these days 50 is the new 30! You’re far from cruise wear and taking up lawn bowling! So why are we “groaning?” Let us clarify!


Back to the Future

We had a recent client who wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday with a fabulous cocktail party complete with a lavish “Groaning Board.” Still confused? Let us elaborate:


Groaning Goodness

The “groan” in “groaning board” refers to the creaking noises that would emanate from the wood table under the stress of the weight of the food. The term dates back to the 17th century, which also explains the use of the word “board” instead of “table,” as these feasts were often literally placed upon wooden boards held up by trestles.


History Meets Modern Day

We loved the concept, as it combines the old with the new, antiquated tradition with a modern aesthetic, the historical with the current.


Wonderful Clutter 

The idea of a great groaning board is to create a feeling of overflowing abundance, a cornucopian celebration with an essence of whimsy and delight. Perfect for a 50th birthday! The menu was a wonderful cacophony of party food.


Only the Best Ingredients

The key to a fabulous groaning board starts with the best quality produce. We chose organic, locally sourced cheeses and fruit, fresh salad rolls with various dips, piles of flat bread and dried fruit and nuts, as well as delectable handmade smores.


Presentation Perfection

However, what makes the groaning board truly amazing is the presentation. This is where our kitchen staff gets to put their creativity to use! For this board, we decided on a bucolic, vernal theme to reflect the idea of abundance and regeneration. We had fruit tumbling over cliff faces and a forest of smores–yes, a forest of smores! Dried fruit and nuts were strategically tucked into nooks and crannies and the bread was scattered to the four winds. It’s all delightfully deconstructed and created with the twin love of gastronomic greatness and aesthetic appreciation.


Priceless Memories for a Great Price!

The wonderful thing about the groaning board is that you get maximum value for your buck. These boards will not break the bank, yet they offer a wonderful variety of culinary delights presented in a fashion that will surely impress your guests and have them talking about it long after the party is over. These boards are perfect for cocktail parties or even informal events like a Superbowl party!


Groaning Fun (and other oxymorons)

We love creating these boards as they work well with our overarching philosophy that food should be a celebration of life, and flow abundantly! Not to mention it taps into our creative side and allows us to have fun and infuse joy into what we do! Let the tables overflow with goodness–let it groan under the weight of joyful celebration!

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