Catering the Big Game!

Catering the Big Game!

It's time to leave the culinary farm team and move up to the big leagues.

Man- Caves and She-Sheds

We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics with our friends over the last few days, and it got us to thinking about the evolution of hosting sporting event home parties. From the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup, we’ve come a long way from the faux-wood paneling in the basement “rumpus room,” trading up for sleek, modern and high-tech home-theaters!


Plasma Screens and Beer Fridges

Indeed, you’ve spared no expense creating the ultimate “man cave” or “she shed” (yes, that’s a thing now): the 70-inch plasma screen, Dolby surround sound system, the massage chairs from Sharper Image, the mini beer fridge and the humidor.


No More Mono

It’s definitely a far cry from the days of yore when you and your friends would have to crowd around the old cathode ray tube television and strain to hear anything coming from the mono speaker! Kind of a sad way to watch the luge competition! How did we ever live!


Culinary Big Leagues!

So, while the technology has evolved when it comes to watching the big game on TV, unfortunately, for most people, the culinary-game has not! It simply doesn’t make sense to have a state-of-the-art home theatre to entertain your friends and family, but serve the same old tired and cliche meals. It’s time to bench the dry, store-bought sandwiches, stale potato chips, and questionable cheese dip. It’s time to leave the culinary farm team and move up to the big leagues–and we can help!

We suggest leaving the food to us! Relax, sit back and enjoy the big game with your friends, while we prepare food fit for champions!


Culinary Inspiration for the Big Game


Were a Little Nutty

Throw out those Pringles and let us provide you with homemade oven-roasted cashews, pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts, with rosemary and sea salt and butter instead. We must warn you, these nuts are highly addictive!


Play by Play Platters

For the main event, we suggest our platters. We have a wide-variety of meat, veggie and fish platters that will please all your guests! All organic, locally-sourced and farm-to-table fresh! When it comes to quality, we don’t play around!


Slidin’ into Third

Other fun choices for the game day are the Build Your Own Mac and Cheese Bar, and our popular Sliders Bar, which features a trio of beef burgers.


Bountiful BBQ!

For those summer sporting events, you really can’t lose with BBQ! From Jumbo all beef hot dogs to vegetarian green lentil burgers, and a plethora of summer salads, there’s something for all your guests!


Netflix and Chilled White Wine 

For those of you who aren’t the “sporty” type, why not cater a Binge-Watching Party! We suggest season two of Stranger Things or season 4 of Frankie and Grace on Netflix! Invite your besties, get comfortable and let us cater to you!


Binging or Baseball

Whether you’re hosting a Binge-Watching Party or watching the World Series, we think your food should be as spectacular as the picture quality! Don’t you agree!

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