Going Where No Caterer Has Gone Before

As many of you already know, Savoury City Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, has been in the catering biz for a very long time! Her Executive Chef, Mathew Koyanagi, has also prepared, cooked and baked meals in some very diverse places! In truth, between the two of them, they can cater virtually any venue! From back alley to black tie, rustic to regal, they’ve got you covered.

Masters of Their Craft

This type of catering mastery can only come from years of experience and a lifetime of global culinary experiences. Spend some time with Donna, and you’ll see how true this is! She casually recounts a time spent in Darjeeling:

I was invited by the hotel owner’s mother for dinner, and she made these momo’s–these amazing Tibetan dumplings, with buckets of tea. I was floored by the flavour! Wild asparagus and leeks grew nearby, and it all went into the momos. The experience of these flavours all working together, creating  something I’ve never tasted in my life filled, my mouth with so much joy!”

Her understanding, appreciation, sensitivity, and passion for flavour and their delicate combinations are part of what make her Vancouver’s “Queen of Catering!”

Catering Royalty

If Donna is catering royalty, her executive chef, Mathew, is “King of the Kitchen!” Like Donna, he’s traveled the world, experiencing the flavours of the world. Mathew recounts:

I spent a couple seasons at an exclusive fishing resort in Haida Gwaii where I learned how to cook under all sorts of unique circumstances, something that greatly prepared me for the contingencies of the catering world. It was there that I got a taste of exotic locals and the local produce. Back then we had no internet, and all communication was by satellite. Because the lodge was only accessible by helicopter, we sometimes had to go weeks without supplies. You had to think on your feet and improvise a lot of the time.


Creative Culinary Spirit

It’s just these kinds of “guerilla” style culinary experiences that set Savoury City apart from most other caterers. A lifetime of learning how to deal with challenging locations and circumstances engender a creative culinary spirit–one in which ingenuity, inspiration, flexibility, and, above all, grace under pressure is developed.

From Farm to Fancy

So whether you want a barn wedding or an ultra-swanky affair, an industrial vibe or something modern, Donna and Mathew know exactly how to make it happen, and more importantly, how to pull it off seamlessly and perfectly and, of course, with style!


Masters of the Menu

While we know how to deal with most any venue, we’re also masters of the menu! If you’re looking for a vegan event, we can do it! If you’re wanting a vegetarian wedding, we’ve got you covered! If you’re a meat lover, we definitely know how to please! We love collaborating with our clients and ensuring that we not only meet their needs, but consistently exceed them! It’s what brings us the most joy!

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