Wonderful Weddings: A Fond Look Back!

As veterans in the business, we’ve catered more weddings than we can remember! Well, that’s not entirely true. We do remember each and every wedding we cater. We remember because, throughout the process, we get to know the bride and groom and their families, and for that spot of time, we feel like a part of your family. And just like your loved ones, it’s our ardent desire that the most important day in your life be perfect!

Snowflakes, Fingerprints, and Weddings

And as we get closer to the end of the year, we can’t help but to look back fondly at the weddings we’ve had the honour of being a part of. What we realized is that each wedding is as different and unique as each couple, which is why we love what we do! No two weddings are ever the same, and, for us, the experience is always new and exciting. Perhaps that’s why Donna still gets emotional at each one! She really does.

Looking back we are amazed at the diversity of venues that we’ve catered! Here are just a few:


The Permanent

The Permanent Building is one of our favourite venues. It’s 1930’s era vibe is ideal for a romantic wedding! We absolutely had a blast catering Coco and Dylan’s wedding there! Their choice of a 1970’s theme was so playful and we had just as much fun as the guests!



UBC Boathouse

We adore catering weddings at the UBC Boathouse, and we’ll never forget how gorgeously elegant Monica and Raymond’s wedding was! From the decor to the natural beauty of the setting, to the food, the night was truly magical! While we love what we do, getting comments like, “I’ve photographed 1000’s of weddings and that by far was the most delicious meal I’ve been served at a wedding,” makes us so proud and grateful. It’s truly why we do what we do!


UBC Botanical Gardens

There are few places more naturally beautiful for a wedding than the UBC Botanical Gardens. With its lush romantic landscapes, it truly makes for a fairytale setting! We loved being a part of Grace and Kenny’s wedding, and adored the joyous atmosphere of their special day!


The Vancouver Art Gallery

What a dream location! We had a blast catering this over-the-top wedding! Christene and Philip knew what they wanted. Indeed, this truly remarkable couple had an amazing vision, and had every meticulous detail thought out well in advance. They wanted a very intimate experience for their guests, and they wanted to keep all the surprises that were in store a secret. All the guests knew was the wedding date and the requested attire…the rest was to unfold over the afternoon and evening!

Touching Testimonials 

We got into the catering world because we love making people happy, and great food is a sure way to achieve that! And while we do this because of our passion for it, hearing from our clients (and now friends) always warms our hearts and energizes us to keep doing what we do to the highest standards possible! Here are just a few that we’d love to share with you:


Eric and Janet Mccormack (Private Residence)

“My wife, Janet, and I decided to make our 15th wedding anniversary a summertime blow-out at our newly built house in Vancouver. While we wanted no half-measures, we also wanted to stick to a reasonable budget. But it has to be amazing! Enter Donna Wadsworth and Savoury City. Donna was like the Steven Spielberg of party planning, overseeing every aspect of the event, and always with joy and humour and enthusiasm and extreme good taste. Not only did her company provide delicious dishes, she also oversaw the flowers and the rentals, including the dance floor.”


Nadia Hung (UBC Botanical Gardens)

“My experience with Savoury City was nothing short of extraordinary. We wanted the best food at our wedding with an Italian alfresco theme, and Donna knocked it out of the park! Starting from the first initial meeting, she was extremely helpful guiding us along the menu and very patient with all of our questions/concerns. The tasting was absolutely perfect and we are considered very picky people when it comes to food.”


Looking Forward

As we look forward to 2018, we are filled with gratitude and excitement at the prospect of getting to bring a little more joy into the lives of the new couples we’ll get to meet! What an honour!

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