Limited Space? Limitless Catering Possibilities!

Recently I was re-watching the classic film An American in Paris. I love that iconic opening scene when the great Gene Kelly wakes up in his tiny Parissien walk-up. His homunculus one-room flat creatively serves as bedroom, kitchen, dining room and washroom! While this is a comic exaggeration of life in Paris for the 1940’s starving artist, it does reflect an emerging housing reality in Vancouver!


Decreasing Square Footage, Increasing Creativity

Indeed, more and more of us in the city are living in smaller spaces, and, just like Kelly’s ebullient character, Jerry Mulligan, one has to be increasingly creative with our decreasing square footage!


We are Space Experts

While I concede that it may be a challenge to cater a dinner party in Jerry’s particular Parisian flat, we are experts at catering in all sorts of spaces, large and, yes, small!


Small Space? No Problem!

There is an erroneous idea out there that if you live in a smaller space, a catered dinner may not work for you, but we beg to differ. With a little planning, expertise, and creativity, a gorgeous catered dinner is very possible!


Hints and Tips!

The Great Outdoors

One question we get from people who live in small spaces is “where does all the food get stored?” This issue is actually fairly easy to solve. Most condos have balconies or patios, where we can store most of the food. During the winter season, this is actually a great solution, as your outdoor space acts as a large refrigerator.


Glass Half Full

If you have a space large enough for a sit-down affair, but fear it may be a tad cramped, worry not. Over our many years of experience, we’ve learned all sorts of tricks! For example, using the base of upturned wine glasses to serve an amuse-bouche is a great way to conserve space in a beautiful and creative way! Fewer dishes without sacrificing any of your dinner courses!


A Stand-Up Affair

If you don’t have enough space for a sit-down dinner, you can always create a cocktail party event featuring hors-d’oeuvres and great mixed drinks! This means less in-condo preparation as well. It’s a great alternative to a sit-down dinner and usually creates a more social, casual vibe as well.


If You Can’t Stand the Heat… 

If you feel that your kitchen may be too small or unsuitable for us to use, we’ve created a fabulous Drop Off Menu that would be perfect for you!

One of the benefits of the drop off menu is that it not only saves space but keeps your smaller space more comfortable for you and your guests!


No Sweat! Really…No Sweat

The reality is that cooking in a small condo can heat up the whole space to the temperature of the sun. Obviously, this can become an issue as your guests will be sweating profusely before they even get to the spicy items! Instead of having to open all the windows, turn the air conditioning on and disconnecting the smoke alarm, having us drop off your food may be a much better solution!


The Drop Off Menu

Please take a look at our mouth-watering and varied Drop Off Menu! There is something for everyone! As always, everything is made fresh, and using only the best ingredients, and prepared with love!

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