All in The Family: The Benefits of Family-Style Dining

“Some of us are good at portion control, and others, (like my Uncle Bill) will make sure he’s wearing his elastic waisted “eatin’ pants” before he sits down to a family feast.”

The Benefits of Family-Style Catering

The term “Family Style” has crept into our collective culinary lexicon of late. For some, the term may recall chaotic family dinners, stressed out mom’s trying to get everything on the table, the faint smell of  something burning—everyone grabbing at the same time, fighting off your siblings, cousins (and that one rotund uncle), for your mom’s famous mashed potatoes and gravy.


Peace of Mind

We’d like to offer you an alternative to that scenario! Imagine having your friends and family over for dinner and having the peace of mind that everything is taken care of! No slaving over a hot stove, using every dish in the kitchen, and the dreaded aftermath of the cleanup afterward!



Imagine the elegance of a table laden with delectable dishes that are at once familiar and yet prepared with a culinary sophistication that will exceed expectations and impress your dinner guests.


Passion, Love, and Expertise

Our family-style dishes are always prepared with love, passion, and expertise, so you’ll have the comfort of knowing that every dish will be flavourful, handcrafted, fresh, and prepared with only the best ingredients.


Social and Fun

One of the advantages of Family-Style dining is that it’s less formal than a plated dinner, and yet retains a comfortable-elegance. In general, it engenders a more social and fun atmosphere, and isn’t that really the goal of any successful dinner party?


Variety and Choice

Another advantage of Family-Style is it offers more variety and choice for your guests than a plated affair. As we are all well-aware these days, cooking for a dinner party can be challenging as our guests often have complex and highly restricted diets, making it very difficult to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. Our menu offers a diverse selection which will satisfy even your most culinary curmudgeonly dinner guest!


Uncle Bill’s “Eatin’ Pants”

The reality is that not everyone can or wants to eat the same amount. Some of us are good at portion control, and others, (like my Uncle Bill) will make sure he’s wearing his elastic waisted “eatin’ pants” before he sits down to a family feast. Family-style dining lets your guests choose and control the portions for themselves, so less food goes to waste and people leave satisfied!


All the Culinary Options

Whether you like chicken and steak, halibut and game hen, pork shoulder or arctic char, New York Striploin or Salmon, we’ve got you covered! Fresh, locally-sourced, organic and always prepared with love and passion!


C is for Custom

As custom caterers though, we’re happy to change our diverse menus to suit your exact tastes or design something completely new and exciting. It’s what we do!


We’d Love to Hear from You!

As custom caterers, it’s our passion and joy to bring your family and friends together and Family-Style dining is one of those perfect ways to do so! Please contact us if this option feels right for your next event, as we’d be happy to consult with you about this or any other option. We love creating the perfect meal in the perfect style just for you!

Holiday table with food


Chicken & Steak

Mini Wedge Salad
Gem iceberg wedges, grape tomato, cucumber, chive, bacon bits, buttermilk blue cheese dressing

Rosemary Roasted Chicken Supreme
Free run local chicken breast, charred citrus jus

Flat Iron Steak
AAA Alberta beef, grilled medium rare, roasted mushrooms and champignon sauce

Smashed Potato
Red skin potatoes lightly mashed and chunky with garlic, shallot, olive oil and fresh herbs

Brussel Sprouts
Brown butter roasted, toasted sliced almonds

Build Your Own Sundae Bar
‘Ernest’ Vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, berry compote and your choice of toppings. Choose three (3) of the following: rainbow sprinkles, toasted nuts, toasted coconut, mini marshmallow, Oreo cookie crumbs, Reese’s Pieces, crushed Smarties, fresh berries

Grilled Hearty Greens
Grilled radicchio, endive, kale and scallions, toasted pumpkin seeds, shaved parmesan, red wine vinegar and olive oil

New York Striploin & Salmon

New York Striploin
Slow roasted AAA Alberta striploin cooked medium rare, caramelized shallot, fresh horseradish gremolata, merlot demi-glace

Sockeye Salmon
Wild Pacific sockeye filets, pan seared on julienne vegetable Provençale

Roasted Fennel Potato Puree
Yukon gold potatoes whipped with fennel puree and toasted fennel seed

 Sautéed Black Kale

Pear Bread Pudding
Okanagan Bartlett pears, house made bread, caramel sauce, cinnamon Chantilly cream

Halibut & Game Hen

Baby Kale Salad
Organic baby kale, roast yams, shaved fennel, crumbled feta, spiced pumpkin dressing

Haida Gwaii Halibut
BC halibut filet, citrus butter crust, gremolata sauce

Cornish Game Hen
Locally raised, free run game hens, roasted whole with fresh herbs and citrus fruits, natural pan jus

Lemon Pistachio Pilaf
Basmati rice, lemon zest, toasted pistachio, fresh parsley

Grilled Rapini
Tossed with garlic and melted shallot

Apple Pandowdy
Okanagan apples, cinnamon and allspice, baked with a crispy pastry topping, vanilla bean ‘Ernest’ ice cream

Pork Shoulder & Arctic Char

Shaved Vegetable Salad
Mixed baby greens, shaved fennel, winter radish and beets with sherry vinaigrette

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder
Dijon herb crust, pan jus

Arctic Char
Pan seared wild arctic char filets, braised fennel bulb, crispy skin gremolata

Winter Squash Medley
Kabocha, red kuri, butternut and acorn squash, brown sugar and butter roasted

Winter Root Vegetables
A fricassee of parsnip, heirloom carrot, turnip and winter radish

Pumpkin Pie
The classic served with vanilla bean Chantilly cream

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