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Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh, My!

When I think of the word grazing, the image of an African Safari comes to mind–Lions, elephants, and giraffes munching on grass and leaves on the Veldt. This, however, is not what Savoury City has in mind. Their Grazing stations are designed purely with human creatures in mind. Sorry Animals!


The Epicentre of the Party

I think everyone can agree that the key to a successful and memorable event is the food. Indeed, it’s really the epicentre of it all–the heart and soul. However, not every event is the “sit down” variety–and we love to help you entertain in a way that fits your style and vision. This is why we created our Savoury City Grazing Stations! Food and fun really can go hand in hand!


Savoury is Social

Our Grazing Stations are perfect for those events where a plated sit down affair seems too formal. Grazing Stations definitely engender a more social experience and encourage mingling, something that a more structured set up may not allow for as organically.


Great for all Occasions

Whether you’re organizing a party or function at your office or your home, grazing stations are a wonderful and tasty way to keep all your guests happy and satiated.


Quality Grazing

Our Grazing Station selections allow you to the choose the perfect gastronomic experience–one which fits your culinary sensibilities and those of your guests.

Close up of a row of sandwiches

Savoury City Gets Fresh

Our ingredients are always fresh, locally-sourced and organic, so you can relax knowing that your guests will be getting the very best! We don’t fool around when it comes to quality!


Browse our Grazing Stations!


Fruit de Mer


West Coast Oysters

Freshly shucked to order…accompanied by fresh horseradish, lemon wedges, hot sauce, chili-infused vodka, classic mignonette 2pp


Cold Smoked Albacore Tuna

Roasted tomato vinaigrette, on baby arugula 1oz/pp


Cold Poached Salt Spring Island Mussels      

On the half shell, zesty green olive relish 3pp

Marinated And Grilled Jumbo Prawns, marinated in toasted fennel seed, garlic, chili, and lemon and served with brandied tomato cocktail sauce 2pp


Dim Sum

Pork Pot Stickers 2pp

House Made Shiitake Spring Rolls 2pp

House Made Mini BBQ Duck Steam Buns 1pp

Served in steam baskets and on slate tiles with a selection of dipping sauces: sweet chilli lime, plum sauce, spicy peanut



Build Your Own Mac ‘n Cheese Bar

Creamy 3 cheese macaroni with toppings bar: crispy buttered panko, bacon bits, sautéed mushrooms, green onions, grated white cheddar, parmesan shavings, ketchup, hot sauce



Beef & Bun Carvery

Slow roasted baron of beef, medium rare, chef carved

Sourdough & multigrain buns

Caramelized onions, Dijon mustard, grainy Dijon mustard, creamed horseradish, garlic aioli, housemade pickles 11.00


Duo of Gnocchi

Hand Made Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Brown butter, crispy sage, pine nuts, shaved parmesan

Hand Made Cracked Black Peppercorn And Ricotto Gnocchi

Spring pea and wild mushroom ragout 12.00


Slider Bar   

A Trio of Beef Burgers

  1. Aged cheddar, ketchup, mustard, sliced pickle
  2. Applewood smoked cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, “Triple O” sauce 3. Crumbled blue cheese, caramelized onion, garlic aioli



Venetian Fritto Misto

Prawns, Salmon, Cod And A Variety Of Seasonal Battered Vegetables

Fried to order…served with fresh lemon wedges, preserved lemon sauce grabiche, salsa verde 18.00


Contact us for more info on these gorgeous grazing stations! We’d love to hear from you!

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