Gourmet Bistro in a Box!

Lunch Box Confessions

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us grew up with less than stellar lunchtime experiences. Some of us were not blessed with moms or dads who would pack the perfect meal, forcing us to warily open our Pandora’s-lunch-boxes, never knowing what unfortunate culinary crime we’d witness: soggy tuna sandwiches on Wonder Bread, expired granola bars, dried out carrot sticks…the horror!

Oh, you’d try to trade your lunch with the unsuspecting kid next to you, doing your best to sell your sad lunch with the acumen of a used car salesman, hoping they’d be gullible enough to believe that your stale Oreos were actually Italy’s finest biscotti. No dice.

So we understand that you may be trepidatious when presented with a boxed lunch, which is why we strive to ensure that when you order from us, it won’t trigger negative past memories and lunchtime PTSD. On the contrary, opening our boxed lunches is a pleasant surprise!


Beauty in a Box (A Lunchtime Gift)

Our boxed lunches feature beautiful, fresh, organic meals, created just for you. No dried out egg salad sandwiches and boring wraps here! We want you to look forward to opening your box–each one a bespoke gift of fine food.


We Don’t Box You In

We know that not everyone has the same diet, which is why we’ve created a lunch box that fits your specific dietary reality. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, Paleo or pescatarian, we’ve got you covered.  And, of course, regardless of your diet, all our meals are made fresh with the best quality organic ingredients.


A Seat at the Table

With our varied selection of lunch choices, everyone at the office will feel included! From our Ploughman’s Lunch (sliced ham, salami, roast beef, assorted cheese, bread, crackers, house-made pickles, grapes, green or potato salad and a jumbo cookie), to our Vegan Power Lunch (quinoa tabbouleh salad with parsley, mint, tomatoes, green onion, and lemon; kale and brussels sprout salad with sunflower and pumpkin seeds; cucumbers and hummus and pita wedges; vegan power bar), everyone has a place at the table! Check out our “Catered Boxed Lunches” web page to see all our boxed lunches!


Fine Dining in a Box

Our lunches are proof that you can combine convenience with quality! Opening these boxed lunches, your guests and employees will appreciate the fact that they are eating healthily without having to sacrifice flavour and variety!


Compostable Cuisine

Our salads aren’t the only thing that’s green! We’re proud that our boxed lunches are totally compostable, so you can eat your lunch knowing that you’re not harming the environment!


Be a Lunchtime Hero! 

Catered lunches don’t have to be boring affairs anymore! Try our boxed lunches for your next corporate event or meeting–you’ll be your company’s lunchtime super hero!

Grilled salmon boxed lunch
Moroccan Chicken Boxed Lunch
Grilled Vegetable Boxed Lunch
Boxed lunch with flank steak
Vegan Boxed Lunch
Breakfast Boxed Lunch
Ploughmans' Boxed Lunch
High Protien Boxed Lunch

Our boxed lunches are high protein, healthy

convenience food!

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