Savoury City: The Best the City has to Offer

No doubt, we love to travel the world in search of culinary inspiration. Indeed, our recent Italian food tour was a great success, and we’ll be infusing our gastronomic findings into our catering creations for sure!  However, we never lose sight of the fact that there is a bounty of incredible produce right here in our backyard! You don’t have to go far to be inspired!

Think Globally; Act Locally  

Vancouver is a city of cultural diversity, which makes it possible to create culinary creations that are globally inspired but locally sourced! For example, we love to get our charcuterie meats from Oyama Sausage Company, located on Granville Island.

As Executive Chef, Mathew, explains, “Oyama does all the classic European cured meats and pates, but they are in tune with Vancouver’s diverse palate, so they also do funky stuff like fresh miso sesame sausage, and wild game, like elk and venison with wild blueberries–stuff no one else is doing. They’re family owned and have their own smoke houses on the North Shore.”

We Collaborate with the Best in Vancouver

We absolutely love to provide our clients with the best the city has to offer because we love great food, and we want only the best for them too! Oyama is one such local and family-owned establishment we love.

Chef Mathew riffs on a few more local and family owned businesses that we love to work with:

Maple Hill Farms: A Good Egg

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? We really don’t care, as long as both are of the highest quality possible! We exclusively use Maple Hill Farm’s eggs from Abbotsford, BC. They’re organic, free run and have gorgeous bright yellow yolks that are bursting with incredible flavour. The eggs are larger in size and have a tougher shell than store bought eggs.

Ariana Dairy: We’re milking it!

As Chef Mathew explains, “we love to buy from Ariana Dairy because their feta is crazy rich!” Family run in the North Shore, Ariana partners with dairy farmers in the Fraser Valley who ship their fresh milk-base right to them. They create beautifully rich Greek yogurts that have no emulsifiers, and wonderfully tangy, briny feta that is to die for! We have to order a week in advance for their products as they only make small quantities. They take fresh to new levels!

Cioffi’s: Olive to tell about it!

Bad puns aside, we do live for the best quality olive oil and Cioffi’s in Burnaby, BC imports theirs direct from Italy! Artisanal, handmade, and organic. Need we say more? Yes! Because they also have a great rapport with farms across Canada and can bring in fresh game like organic Blue Goose out of Manitoba and Alberta, as well as Venison from local BC farms. A family run, local butchery that understands quality!


Committed Relationships

Savoury City and Chef Mathew have great long-standing relationships with these wonderful establishments, which means we are able to produce the very best quality food for our clients. They deserve the very best, and we are committed to providing only quality, organic, and artisanal food for the most important events in their lives. Life is short; eat well!

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