A Room With A View: Culinary Vistas

“Enjoying fine food and wine at the family table, surrounded by your loved ones and friends, is not just a joy – it’s one of the highest forms of the art of living.” — Robert Mondavi

Listening, Visioning, Building Trust

As veterans in the catering industry, we have come to know some very profound truths—one of them being that catering is so much more than a business. It’s about helping people realize their dreams. Whether it be a wedding or a fundraising dinner, it’s about listening, visioning and building trust with our clients—many whom we consider part of our family!


No Need for “Zillas”

We know that planning an event, especially one that may be the biggest day of your life, can be fraught with stress and anxiety. We totally get it! Planning for a wedding can turn even the most demure of brides and grooms into “zillas!” That’s why Donna and Blaine, owners of Savoury City, built a tasting room in the back of their store!

An Oasis in the Midst of the Storm

Blaine explains, “we were doing tastings in our office, with the hustle and bustle of a thriving catering business all around us. We realized that it wasn’t the optimum place for our clients to be tasting dishes for the most important events of their lives. We wanted our customers to be relaxed, at peace and able to think clearly.”


Indeed, there is so much more to tasting than meets the eye (or the taste buds). Blaine explains:

Tasting requires all your senses. We built our tasting room to be calming, zen-like, uncluttered and simple. It’s an oasis in the middle of what can often seem like a turbulent storm of planning and organizing.


Drunken Breakdancing and Other Things We’ll Forget

We build the tasting room because it is in line with our philosophy: customers come first. Food is so central to your event, as it evokes indelible memories of your special day. People may forget about your uncle’s too-long, half-drunken speech, or your father-in-law’s failed attempt at breakdancing, but they rarely tend to forget the food!

Savoury City’s Philosophy: Putting You First

We want you to feel at home when visiting us. Bring your family and loved one’s with you to taste, talk and test in a friendly, fun and familial environment. This is a space where you can envision your day, and, in some ways, more importantly, an opportunity for us to listen to you. A big part of our job is to really hear your ideas and your vision, so that we can help bring it to life!


Built With Love

We built this tasting room with love, with you in mind, and with the hopes that these moments planning, tasting, dreaming and discussing will become one of the many beautiful and infinitesimal memories leading up to your big day. We are committed to helping you create beautiful memories even before you walk down the aisle, and our tasting room, personalized service and commitment to putting you first is the recipe!

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