130West at Loungeworks

Square Footage

3250 sq.ft. Inside only


120 dining | 200 reception


4:00PM to 1:00AM


No Kitchen | Set-up Loading Bay

What Makes This Venue Special

130West with its open plan and “theatre like” qualities can be designed to reflect any “look” you’re trying to achieve with your event. Not only do you have access to the latest in furniture design and decor as part of your rental package, there’s also the state-of-the-art lighting and sound system included, as well as the design expertise to implement your vision. The versatility of the space to handle everything from a product launch to a “cocktail style” wedding reception is its big selling feature. 130West is centrally located in the False Creek area of Vancouver near “Athletes Village” with plenty of on street parking or is a leisurely 15 minute walk from the Main St.-Science World SkyTrain Station.

Venue Pics

Contact Info

Address: 130 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Contact Person: Tom Stulberg
Phone: 604.687.2774
Email: 130 West-Loungeworks

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An Interview with Tom Stulberg of 130West


• Tell us a bit about your history?

130West was founded in 2007 but really didn’t come into its own until the 2010 Olympics. In 2013, we finished the renovation to our space on 4th Avenue and opened 130West as a place where we could show what it looked like to produce events with layout, furnishings, decor and light all being done well and working together to create engaging spaces for events.


• How does the rental space work in relation to your other core businesses?

Its a laboratory and a showroom. Our design teams and design partners use 130West to test ideas, furniture combinations, new looks, decor concepts… you name it. We get to see what things look like together and how they affect the way a space feels. It’s  great black box space with a great lighting package so you can play at lot of levels..

As  a showroom 130West has been a huge asset as it gives us a place to demonstrate how much different it can be when then space is well arranged, properly furnished, decorated and well lit. We believe strongly that good event design is born out of collaboration and we work hard to collaborate with as many great designers as possible to make 130West a showcase of the best talent in Western Canada.

Our own events, events like Mish Mash, Falliday, 130Weddings, WTF and Glamping to name a few, we offer the community alternate vision to event design. We do things that we couldn’t easily do fora typical corporate client. The thing we hear people say a lot is, “It’s so different every time I’ve been here.”

For clients doing events at 130West they get to experience what that level of finish is like in their events, and hopefully we can win them over to using us for future events.

And that’s our goal–to make it a place where every time you stop by you see something different and get to know another designer or decorator or event supplier that you may not have known before.


• What type of events is the 130West space used for most often?

The space is definitely our showroom first. We try to limit the number of contract uses to 3 or 4 a month. Since we opened 3 years ago, we’ve hosted birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, product launches, sales meetings, pop-up showrooms,… just about every kind of event imaginable. I guess parties would be the most common type of event.


• What are the most common questions prospective clients have when considering 130West for an event?

Most people want to know about catering first. If they are going to host an event, our rental fee covers pretty much everything except food and beverage so they want to know about our regulations and what it will cost. We have no exclusive catering relationships nor a standing liquor license. Everyone who comes here needs to decide how they want to manage the food and beverage questions. We have 7 great catering partners who help them do that. Savoury City is one of them.


• The competition for renting venues in Vancouver is fierce. What do you offer in terms of amenities that separates you from the pack?

We try not to think about what other venues are doing. We have the luxury of really wanting to be showroom first so that takes a ton of stress off for the venue sales team.

We do offer the best value in town if you are thinking of producing a high-end event. Our venue rental fee includes furnishings to match your needs, a great audio and lighting system and the staff you need to make it all work. We design every event for the client and fully transform our space to work for each event. For most of our clients, the value of the furniture ends up being more than the rental cost. Lighting, sound, space are all virtually free.


• What do most people get wrong when considering furniture and decor for an event?

I wouldn’t say people do anything wrong as much as they generally don’t budget enough to do everything they should be doing well. A large part of creating spaces, that your audiences find engaging, and events that leave lasting impressions, is making sure all elements work well and work well together. That takes time, experience and money and for many of our clients, those are the things that are in short supply. The ease with which you can bring things together at 130West addresses these issues.